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  • B2B Loyalty Rewards
    Intelligently structured to improve customer retention and drive sustainable business growth

    • Highly customizable options
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Unmatched Customer care and after sales support
  • Web Application Development

    Agile, Fast setup Web applications to take
    your business to the next Level

    Our web development strengths are,
    • Great value for money
    • Unmatched web solutions
    • Technical superiority
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  • Mobile Application Development
    Scalable, multi platform mobile application
    development with a fast turnaround time

    Cenango focuses on
    • Great reliability
    • Platform compatibility
    • User friendly
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  • Our Open Source Projects

    Cost effective, accelerated software and web projects
    with open source platforms

    Cenango specializes in open source projects with
    • Respected platform thought leaders in-house
    • Multi-tiered technology stacks
    • Multiple years of experience
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  • Support & Maintenance

    Headache free, overheads limiting server support and server maintenance
    Our goals are to
    • Provide uninterrupted service
    • Ensure quick setup and maintenance timeframes
    • Bring unrivalled customer care and around the clock support
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Cenango is a Miami based software development company specializing in web design, SEO and web application development

We create customized solutions that help you take your product to market on schedule! Cenango was established in 2003 in sunny South Florida. We have hundreds of happy customers, with whom we enjoy working on new and exciting projects every day.

What we do

Web Design

Web design and development entails much more than simply providing an appealing design and an error-free website to the client. A website must further cater to the complete needs of both first-time and repeat visitors, all the while ensuring that they experience the smoothest web experience possible. For the client, website use should be straightforward and seamless. For the provider, website oversight should be headache-free and affordable. With over 9 years of experience in web design Miami, Cenango offers our clients the stress-free maintenance they expect, along with unmatched value for their money.

Web Application Development

Cenango uses the latest in web technology to develop its websites. Having helped over 100 happy clients with their Miami Web designs, we know how important it is to keep abreast with the latest technology and design methodology. No one likes to visit a website that looks stale and hard to use. With a proven design pipeline that has seen some of our best web designs for Miami, we are confident in our approach to design a compelling website that leaves your competitors in awe. At Cenango, the goal is giving clients the best and the latest, all at the most affordable prices.

SEO and Online Marketing

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important? Having provided Search Engine optimized web design for Miami businesses for over 9 years, let us tell you why. SEO is the best way to get consistent web traffic, and consistent web traffic leads to the timely achievement of a website's basic goals: profit, publicity, and presence. With an in-house SEO team and constant SEO testing, Cenango offers our clients an unmatched SEO and online marketing service ensured to place clients' websites at the forefront of web searching.


With over $160 billion retail sales in the U.S alone, e-commerce plays a major role in most businesses today. Having helped many a business with Miami web design and ecommerce solutions, we know that the ability to successfully drive sales and gain from e-commerce comes from being equipped with the proper tools. Cenango provides clients with these tools gearing them up to expand their profit margins, all the while providing top-notch security to ensure consistency and reliability. This is all without sacrificing great design and marketing elements. As a Miami web design firm, that's one of our specialties.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps


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