Good Website Design – Why Less is More

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Creating a website with an effective web design isn’t about what is on your website, but instead what ISN’T on it. Sure, you might need the advertising revenue from your banner ads and other links, but they have a place in a well designed website, and shouldn’t litter your page from top to bottom. Good website design is based on the fundamental acceptance that less truly is more when it comes to building a site. It doesn’t matter whether you run a personal blog for insurance or if you have a full-service online store; no website will be functional or visually appealing if it is cluttered and over-done.

Using a minimalist design is the best way to design a website. While it may seem that all the empty space is wasted, it’s really not. By having more content on your website, you can easily confuse and distract readers from what is truly important for them to see. On the other hand, leaving more white space allows the viewer to zone in on the text or graphics on your website that you want them to see. If you look around on the internet, you’ll find plenty of examples of both good and bad website design. If you visit a site that has too much information on it, how does it make you feel? Overwhelmed and confused? Exactly.

You don’t want your viewers to navigate away from your site or miss out on the important aspects because they’re distracted or overwhelmed by content that isn’t necessary. It is much better to design a site that has bold titles, necessary text and graphics, and only a few extra elements (if any). Good website design is essential to the success of your business; without an effective website, you can’t generate the interest and customers that you need for your business to succeed. People aren’t going to hang out at a website that’s over-crowded and difficult to navigate.

Your website design isn’t about decorating or making things look “pretty.” While the site needs to be visually stimulating in order to generate interest, it shouldn’t be over-done with hard-to-read fonts, unattractive color schemes and overused text boxes, graphics, or advertisements. In the first ten seconds, your website should allow the viewer to zoom in on what is most important on your site. With an overcrowded design or inefficient layout, confusion can occur, and you can lose interest fast.

If you’re looking to de-clutter your website and find a good website design, there are some things you can do. First, make what is most important front and center, and easy to see. Then, put secondary information, graphics, and resources in a place where they aren’t the primary focus but will still get attention. Third, eliminate any unnecessary elements, such as advertisements, graphics, or text that isn’t essential to your business. Ensure that your site doesn’t look scarce, but rather appears visually stimulating and easy to follow by using the “less is more” approach.

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