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SXSW South by Southwest

I’ve been talking to friends about SXSW and the cool things that have emerged as a result of it and the one question I get from many of my non-techie friends is “What is SXSW?”

So this post is not for those who are well acquainted with all things SXSW but for everyone else!

South by Southwest (the X is actually for ‘by’) is series of interactive, film and music festivals and conferences that take place in Austin Texas every year around this time. It started in 1987 and has become somewhat of an annual pilgrimage for a lot of people in our industry. Lots of cool apps and websites get launched there and well…you get to mingle with lots of celebrities. You can read more here.

This years festivities run from March 12th to March 21st.

Since we’re techies, we’re most interested in the Interactive Festival (March 12th to March 16th) – not to say the music and movie festivals aren’t any cooler.

Just to give you a taste, here are two sessions that were relevant to the areas I work in:

3/12/10 – 2PM – Beauty in Web Design (Great web design is all around us, but can we go beyond ‘cool’, ‘usable’ and ‘fun’ to create something truly beautiful? This session examines our changing attitudes to beauty, art and meaning, and why the web is ideally suited to become a vehicle for true beauty in the Information Age.)

3/12/10 – 2PM – The UX of Mobile (The term ‘user experience’ used to be an afterthought in mobile application design. The iPhone changed all that and has set a new benchmark for user experience on mobile devices. )

In case you’re interested, here’s the full sxsw schedule

Can’t make it to Austin? Don’t worry. Just do a Google blog search and you’re sure to find some interesting posts. The following WSJ blog is just an example: