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Creating a new website as a novice involves a bit of dedication and some good old fashioned hard work. Once you have put so much work into your site, you certainly would hate to see all that effort just disappear. Unfortunately there are people on the web who would like to get rid of all of your work either because they think it is fun or because they want to spam your site to push some product that they want to advertise.

Website Security
A lot can happen to your site which includes someone accidentally deleting some of your files, your web hosting service can be down without you knowing it and much more. We will take a look at some of the ways you can identify when your website security has been compromised and then discuss how to remedy the situations. Continue reading

Web Design: Go Local

If you are considering hiring a web design company to assist you in setting up your space on the internet, you should consider hiring a local web designer. There are so many design companies today to choose from and they are located all over the world. While it is fine to use a design company located far from you, it could become a problem if a face-to-face meeting is necessary in order to go over some fine details concerning your website design. Continue reading

There are so many ways to build a great website that it can be somewhat confusing knowing where to start. The very first thing that must be decided when building a site is, what is the primary purpose of the website? Will you provide content? Will you sell products/services or is it simply informational? These questions must be answered before starting to put your website together.

Once you have decided what type of website you wish to build, then you must choose the best resources to use. This will save you a lot of frustration when building your site and it is not even all that necessary that you understand HTML in order to build an effective site. Continue reading

If you are planning on having a website, it is important that you understand that there are two distinct types of websites: static and dynamic.  We will take a few minutes here to explain to you the differences between the two, and once you are finished reading, you should have a very good understanding of both so that you can decide clearly which type of website is best for you.

Difference Between a Static Website and a Dynamic Website

Millions of us rely on a printed newspaper as a way to read the happenings in the world. A newspaper is in fact, a very good example of a static media. Once a story has been printed on a newspaper, it cannot be changed as its type has been set. You will simply have to wait until the next edition is printed in order to receive the latest news. Much in the same way, a static website cannot be changed until the webmaster or someone familiar with HTML or flash edits and/or updates the content. Continue reading