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SEO and Online Marketing

SEO and Online Marketing

SEO and Online Marketing info

The goal of search engine optimization [SEO] is to increase a Web site's web traffic and lead to better conversions, by ranking high in the search engine results pages [SERPs] for the keywords in the search query.

SEO is essentially a part of online marketing. But SEO eclipses all the other online marketing modes due to its extreme effectiveness and comparatively low cost. Every website can benefit from SEO and most of the top online retailers like EBay, Amazon and Netflix depend on effective SEO campaigns for sustained sales.

Other online marketing methods include Search Engine Marketing [SEM], Pay-per-Click [PPC], Web advertising and which all costs considerably more than SEO on a cost-benefit analysis.

Our Key Focuses

Keywords Analysis

We find the best and the most appropriate keywords for your website based on your product , service, and area.

Website Optimization

We offer expert website optimization services that produce highly competitive web sites capable of out-performing others on every measure: traffic, speed, conversion rates, sell-throughs, and, most importantly, return on your investment.

Link Building

At Cenango, we research and analyze on link building.