Ten Ways Mobile Applications Enhance the Real Estate Industry

Ten Ways Mobile Applications Enhance the Real Estate Industry

Ten Ways Mobile Applications Enhance the Real Estate IndustryOver the past decade, mobile applications have significantly improved all aspects of the real estate industry. It seems like a lifetime ago that potential buyers would thumb through the classified sections of the newspapers to find properties for sale in their area.

Digitalization and customized mobile app development have made the home renting and buying process smoother and more efficient for buyers and sellers. When real estate agents start to embrace digital technologies, they open up multiple revenue streams, increase their market exposure, and can implement additional safety and security measures into their existing home buying/renting processes.

As a leading provider of android software development, and mobile app development for the real estate industry, we’ve highlighted ten trending use features in mobile apps that benefit our real estate clients.

. Below we have highlighted some of the trending features used in real estate mobile apps to help clients have a smooth, secure, simple, and convenient home buying and renting process.

Push Notifications:

Instant notifications can be sent to potential buyers as soon as a property that matches their renting/purchasing criteria is available. Customers can also set up notifications when prices on their property watch-list change, offering unique promotional opportunities to real estate agents.

Geolocation Specifications:

This feature identifies the app users’ current location and showcases properties that match their requirements. Search settings can be filtered to include local schools, low crime areas, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, and much more.

Interactive Maps

Interactive MapsIntegrating a map feature into your real estate agents’ app listings can help users identify properties in their area as they are driving around or relaxing at home. This makes property searching more accessible, convenient, and straightforward. Many commercial real estate apps use GPS technology to allow users to click on any properties available in their area and view full details of the building. Users can also schedule viewings, and contact real-estate agents using messenger and calendar integrated features.

Camera Integration

Camera features can be added to real estate applications to allow people to photograph rental properties as they pass them. Using the photographs and mobile app technology, they can access floor plans, information on the number of rooms inside, estimated value, and interior pictures.

Immersive Technology

Using VR and 3D visualization, estate agents can offer 360-degree virtual tours of all the properties that they have on offer. This saves money for estate agents as it eliminates the market need to show properties and physical showrooms. Homebuyers can now tour a property without having to visit the location.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculation tools can help potential buyers find information on taxes, insurances, and mortgage rates for individual properties. This allows clients to compare offers across the various properties in which they have an interest.


Incorporating electronic signature technology into your real estate application can eliminate the need for extensive paperwork and speed-up business processes. This not only saves time, but it makes documents and legislation more accessible to both buyers and sellers. Many apps can be designed with drop-box integration, improving accessibility, and making document storage more efficient.

Integrated Messaging Systems

This essential tool can significantly improve contact processes between clients and estate agents. We can integrate video chats, audio chats, and messenger features into our customized mobile applications. By utilizing this technology, real estate agents create additional flexibility and seamless communications when they are on the go.

Advanced Search Options

Features such as advanced search filters help clients to search for properties based on home types, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, new builds, and hundreds of other parameters. This saves time for both the potential buyers and the real estate agents involved with a property search. It also helps to increase levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Calendar Features

As mentioned earlier, calendar integration helps clints to book viewings at a time that suits them the most. This allows estate agents to block out specific times for clients to choose from, and receive email notifications and reminders for viewings and bookings.

Advanced Security Features

From retina scanning to fingerprint identification, enhanced security features help to protect sensitive information and avoid data breaches in real estate application technology.

Saving Favorites and Making Lists

We can add features that allow clients to save their favorite properties inside your real estate application. They can also create bespoke lists tailored to properties that they love and properties that they want to receive any updated information. Combined with push notifications, these lists can become a valuable marketing tool to the sales savvy real estate agent.

These are just some of the fantastic features that we can build into our customized real estate mobile applications. The whole world is digitalizing, and this has allowed real estate agents to capitalize on broader markets while lowering overall overhead costs.

Real estate is a growing industry where professionals need to adopt these latest technologies. It will benefit the customers, agents, and other stakeholders significantly.

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