APIs render flexible integrations and customization of existing products, helping developers to use their creativity and enhance services. We help enterprises to understand how third-party API integration can help to optimize processes and streamline the overall workflow of business operations.

Our specialist team develops cloud-based backend with REST APIs and JSON responses to create modern web applications. REST API integration combined with JSON responses is faster, creating a better user experience for your staff and customers.

Our team of API experts makes it possible for your business applications to share space with online third-party services, ensuring that all your customers have access to your products o services from anywhere in the world. API integration promotes swift and productive communication with a range of e-commerce solutions, social networks, payment gateways, and cloud storage.

API Management and Development

Why Cenango API & Middleware

API Management

Custom API Development:

Our API experts create structured, precise, well-documented code design, ensuring optimal performance for all our client’s custom software applications. Custom APIs utilize innovative technology to make your company workflows faster and more productive.

API integration

Secure and Reliable API integration:

We develop robust API designs, implementing all essential security protocols. This includes access control dashboards, custom key encryptions, scalable caching proxies, and single sign-on capability. Data security and privacy are vital when integrating with third-party applications. Therefore, we always perform due diligence.

API Management Development

Fast Turnaround Time:

Our team eliminates the downtime of your applications during the integration process by applying agile methodologies. This helps to reduce the transition time, saving money and time for your business.

Software Settings

Ongoing Maintenance and Support:

We deliver on all our commitments, often exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our dedicated team is available during and after the integration process, on-call, to address any issues. We offer 24/7 support as standard.

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