Custom Mobile App Development

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Do you struggle to connect with your patients or have trouble getting people to book their next visit? Investing in mobile app development can help you offer patients a new way to book appointments and message you. But before you hire the first development firm you see, consider a few questions to ask. That way, you can choose the best service for your needs. Read on to learn about the best questions to ask a developer. What Does the Company

Custom Software Development Services

Why Choose Custom Software Development Services

The custom software development market is on pace to expand by $31.76 billion between 2021 and 2025. So says research firm Technavio. Companies realize that one-size-fits-all software isn’t always the answer. And the projected increase in this space demonstrates this. Custom software application development gives companies tools designed to meet their specific needs. So, hiring a company offering custom software development services offers a one-size-fits-one solution. Are you still sitting on the fence? Are you interested in looking into the

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software

A Guide to Building HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software

In the United States, nearly 90% of physicians use an EMR system in their offices. This electronic healthcare software is extremely beneficial to both physicians and their patients. Ease of access, storage space, PHI security, and many other benefits has allowed the electronic healthcare software market to thrive. However, ensuring that the systems these physicians use meet HIPAA requirements is of critical importance for patient safety and client satisfaction. Read on for a guide to building HIPAA compliant healthcare software. What is

Healthcare RFID Technology

RFID For Healthcare

RFID For Healthcare Healthcare is a business that seeks to provide the most optimum care for its patients while ensuring that the rules and regulations are being followed. Due to the challenging business environment of healthcare, Cenango RFID technology provides a host of solutions that help reduce costs, improve operations, and ensure safety, enabling healthcare providers and administrators to make the most effective clinical and business decisions. There are many different management software products out there to assist in the

Cenango Unveils the RMR 1.0, The Next -Gen in RFID Technology for Asset Management.

Cenango Unveils the RMR 1.0, The Next -Gen in RFID Technology for Asset Management. Miami, Florida – Cenango, announced the release of their RFID Inventory app to the app store. With the new release of Cenango’s RFID inventory application, Cenango is now able to support their clients no matter where they are located remotely.“Across all industries, RFID technology is being utilized to control, protect, and make visible critical assets, especially in the material handling sector,” declared Shawn Panosian, Director of Marketing