A Robust RFID Inventory Control System

How a global service provider is improving operational efficiency with RFID technology  Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) is a multi-office Global service provider specializing in inventory management and material handling for both government and private clients. Since 1969 SSG has worked with industry leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, and the US Military to provide solutions to manage and store their assets. Over the years, they have seen their client’s needs grow from storing assets to tracking and managing those assets. SSG

How to choose a mobile app developer for minimum viable products

How to Choose a Mobile App Developer for Minimum Viable Products Whether you’re a startup looking to impress investors or a venture capitalist assessing the tangibility of a potential investment, minimum viable products (MVPs) can be game-changing. For people that are new to the world of mobile app development, MVP is an important process that could make or break your business. By working closely with an experienced mobile app development agency, you can create an MVP as a roadmap to

Six Advantages of Mobile Application in the Healthcare Industry

Six Advantages of Mobile Application in the Healthcare Industry Every day, physicians across the USA are using their smartphones to communicate with patients, monitor health trends, conduct research, assess patients, and work with EHRs. According to Goldman Sachs, the digital revolution could save U.S healthcare providers over $300 billion as it reshapes communication in the healthcare industry. For this reason, it’s paramount that medical and healthcare organizations work with reliable mobile app development providers to help their businesses evolve and improve

Ten Advantages of Teleportals and Telemed in the Medical Industry

Ten Advantages of Teleportals and Telemed in the Medical Industry With mHealth applications and software enhancing the medical industry at an unprecedented rate, telemedicine is helping medical providers overcome barriers between providers and patients. Teleportals and telemedicine help patients to access available providers, reliable transportation, and lower rates of fragmentation of care caused by the time between medical appointments. In this piece, we’ll look at seven advantages that digital restructuring and telemedicine offer to healthcare providers and their patients. TELEMEDICINE