Work from Anywhere – Cloud Migration to Maintain Business Continuity

Would you like your employees to have secure access to their work files from home?
Do you rely on Microsoft Excel or Sharepoint to manage your day-to-day operations at office?
Have some of your spreadsheets or documents become difficult to email back-and-forth?
Do you have a Crisis Management Plan that will allow employees to work from a cloud-based working environment?

We understand the need for secure communications, workplace recovery,  and access to local intranets through these uncertain times.


We can help you automate your business processes to the cloud to keep your employees connected from any location at any time.


Business process automation is crucial for businesses to stay afloat and increase efficiency from remote locations.

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All essential documents and information can be moved to a secure Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS environment to minimize the disruption caused by office closures, government shutdown, and state-imposed isolation guidelines.


We can make sure that your business has the accessibility and security to survive and thrive through the coming weeks and months.


Additionally, we can implement professional call-forwarding and automated call centers to divert communications to cell phones and designated members of your team.


Let’s get your workplace ready and implement a work from Anywhere cloud migration strategy today,

Why Cenango

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Bespoke Migration Plans:

We provide solutions tailored exclusively to your needs.

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Experienced Team:

Over two decades, we’ve migrated tens of thousands of users to the cloud.

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Hassle-Free Process:

We’ll manage all aspects of your cloud migration process.

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Safe, Secure, Reliable:

We implement world-class security protocols to protect your digital assets.

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