Telemedicine Portal

Telehealth and long-distance patient/clinician contact help to make care more accessible, reduce healthcare costs, enhance traditional medicine, improve patient engagement, and increase levels of provider satisfaction.


We help medical organizations to deliver clinical services remotely using a range of technologies and electronic communications. Our telemedicine portals help doctors, physicians, and nurses to provide essential healthcare services.


Our prime integrated solutions focus on patient portals, engagement, remote patient monitoring software, automated prescription management, and AI chatbots. Every portal is designed with the specific needs of your organization and patients in mind.


  • Doctor-patient video conferencing.
  • Automated prescription management.
  • Voice recording and chatbot management.
  • WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) video conferencing.
  • Prescription tools.


  • Patient user profiles.
  • Patient-led scheduling.
  • Doctor booking and payment.
  • Doctor-patient messaging.
  • EHR Integration.

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