Who we are

We invest in innovation and develop solutions that develop and integrate software applications, helping businesses to expand and thrive.

We are a US-based software and development company that has provided global enterprises with custom technological solutions for over twenty years. As technology has evolved and innovation has accelerated rates of progress across the digital landscape, we’ve streamlined our solutions to help our clients thrive in an increasingly connected world.


We started with a mission to help businesses untangle complex issues they may face during digital progression, adopt new technologies, and develop software that complements their brands, goals, and internal processes. With this mission in mind, our engineers use all significant platforms and state-of-the-art technologies, to create reliable, robust, and effective software solutions.


Our main goal is to deliver innovative solutions that harness the latest technology to empower your business and inspire excellence.


We develop native mobile apps for IOS & Android using Objective C, Swift, Android SDK, AIDE, Android NDK, etc. For special requests, we can also provide cross-platform Xamarin development. For the backend, we utilize PHP, Node.JS, Java, .NET. For the frontend — React.JS, Angular.JS, and JS. We provide adequate safety and quality assurance by default.


Our engineers are technology professionals. Many of them hold Master’s degrees in Computer Science and are passionate about continuous learning.


Our apps look fantastic and function seamlessly. We build software for long-term stability and growth. This is where our experience sets us well-above our competitors; We’ve spent twenty years developing and perfecting our products.


We are proud of the fact that we still service many of our old clients. They tell us that its comforting to have the level of trust and dependability that we can offer them 24/7, 365.

Cenango Software Development Miami, Florida

Our Core Values

We work alongside our clients to identify problems and create practical and efficient solutions. Our collaborative approach helps us to develop custom software from concept to completion.


We continually strive to augment the standard of excellence in every aspect of our work. We believe that innovation starts with a desire to utilize creativity and approach problems from a unique perspective. We relish ideas that use innovation to challenge conventional norms. That’s why we encourage our employees to develop new ideas as we support cross-cultural and cross-functional collaboration


We strive to honor the commitments that we make, adhering to deadlines, and following the highest possible standards at all times. We understand the importance of keeping our word and take accountability very seriously. We believe that trust is paramount, and we’re transparent in our processes and our pursuit of excellence. This helps our organization to evolve.


We believe that excellence comes from continuous reflection and improvement. As we improve our business, in turn, we improve the products that we build for our customers. Excellence drives our team to achieve goals effectively and efficiently, unleashing our potential by stretching our limits.


We’re committed to conducting ourselves to the highest standards of professional integrity. We believe that a strong ethical foundation sets the grounds for how we operate our business as the moral compass that ensures respect, honesty, and transparency in all our actions. We respect our stakeholders and strive to deliver our promises while acknowledging our mistakes. Our ethical framework has helped us to retain an excellent reputation for over two decades.

Customer Focus

We thrive on being the leading solution provider in our selected markets. First, we listen, then we work alongside our clients to develop ideas and frameworks. Our customer-focused approach creates mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. Here at Cenango, we add value to our customers through innovation and technology, while providing exceptional service and support.


Our passion for high-quality deliverables is pivotal to our ongoing success as a business. Our services and products continuously exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. To guarantee that our final deliverables are free of issues, we implement rigorous layers of testing and quality assurance to our products.