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Our systems allow you to easily capture information from your patients, wherever they are – making your practice sustainable and giving you the potential to grow.

Empower your patients

Remote Patient Monitoring empowers patients to feel more confident about managing their health by giving them easy access to systems with key health metrics.

Our state-of-the-art Remote Patient Monitoring software drives your practice forward and gives your patients a great experience.

Remote Patient Monitoring Systems - Mobile App

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Remote Patient Monitoring System

Why Cenango

We have been working with clients in the healthcare sector for decades and have a unique understanding of how to equip organizations with the digital tools they need to provide the best care.

Our intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring Software gives you easy access to a huge range of patient information at your fingertips and in an ever-growing healthcare sector, we work with you to make sure our solutions meet your needs well into the future.

Ready to Use Scalable Application

We build systems that meet your needs from day one – capturing the data you need and offering your patients a user-friendly, stress-free experience when taking measurements and readings. We futureproof our software so it can grow and adapt to incorporate new functions as your practice develops.

Connect Multiple Devices

Connectivity is fundamental to great care. Our system allows you to capture data about patients from multiple sources and devices – giving you the information you need in one place. This allows you to drive efficiency in your practice and give a seamless experience to your patients.

HIPAA & PCI Compliant Application

Safety is a fundamental part of Cenango’s Three S philosophy, and the protection of your practice and your patients is at the heart of our development process. Our systems are encrypted and fully compliant with HIPAA and PCI, giving you and your patients peace of mind that your data is protected and your business is secure and safe.

Monitor Your Patients
Easily and Securely


Fast, Secure, and Scalable Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Our systems make it easy for you to monitor your patients remotely – empowering your patients to own their health and your practice to provide great care.

Instant Patient Monitoring:

Effortlessly monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and a range of health metrics.

Connect Multiple Devices:

Benefit from the power of connectivity with a system that automatically connects multiple patient-monitoring devices.

Customizable to Suit Your Model:

We build with your strategy in mind and provide software solutions that grow to meet the needs of your business over time.

Patient Health Records:

Keeping accurate and up-to-date health records is made easy with all patient information pulled together in one place.

Comprehensive Admin Panel:

Empower your doctors with a user-friendly admin panel to store, retrieve and analyze patient health.

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Safety is at the heart
of our philosophy

Our secure systems keep you and your patients safe.

A Trusted Partner

Our decades of experience working with healthcare organizations gives you the assurance we understand security is paramount.

HIPAA Compliant

Our systems are fully HIPAA compliant, giving you and your patients the peace of mind their data and health records are safe.

PCI Compliant

We build PCI compliance into our software – protecting your business and your patients by securing payment information.

Data Encryption

High-level encryption is built into our software solutions - protecting your practice and your patients with impenetrable coding.

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