Still Using Pen and Paper to Log Weapons Inventory?

Upgrade to Armory Master Pro - An Intelligent RFID Armory Inventory Management System

Remove bottlenecks and headaches of using paper based systems. Suitable for Law Enforcement/Police, Air Force, Military, Corrections Facilities/Prisons, and other armories to keep track of weapons, assets and other inventory.

Updated: 15th of July, 2024

Never Worry about lost weapons again

A lost weapon is the number 1 concern of all our customers. the cost and consequences of a lost weapon are unimaginable.
With the cloud-based armory Master pro RFID system you can Take lethal and non-lethal weapons inventory counts in minutes rather than days and days.
A True Gamer Changer.

Armory Master Pro is built using Military Grade RFID Armory Management Technology – lightening fast and accurate at all times.

Firearms Management Software

Simplify Your Day-To-Day Operations

Streamline and Optimize Your Armory Management

Weapons Tracking System - Enroll a Weapon

Enroll a Weapon to the System

Attach an RFID tag to a weapon or ammunition box or non-lethal asset like Tazers or flashlights in your inventory, and then search for it using the model type, serial number, or other asset-relevant information.

Armory Software - Issuing an RFID Weapon

Issuing an RFID Weapon

This equipment tracking system makes it easy to keep track of equipment use, by keeping accurate records of check-out (issues and returns) times and who has used each piece of equipment.

Armory Management - Returning an RFID Weapon

Returning an RFID Weapon

This armory and weapons tracking system makes it easier to keep track of equipment by monitoring check-in times and providing a detailed record of who handles the equipment at the time  of return.

Track and locate Ammunition - RFID System

Track and Locate Ammunition

The ammunition control system ensures that ammunition is transferred safely and efficiently between storage locations, and tracks and identifies ammunition to keep accurate records.

RFID Weapons Inventory Management System

RFID Weapons Inventory Management

To keep an accurate inventory of the Armory and Ammunition, scan items with a handheld RFID reader and do regular audits by scanning to see if anything is missing or has been misplaced. 

Trace and Locate Weapons RFID Tracking System

Trace and Locate Weapons

RFID technology can help you track your equipment in real time, and identify which pieces of equipment need maintenance or re-validate. The system will also provide real time reporting log.

Weapons Tracking User Management Module

User Management & Authentication

Impose control and permission levels with electronic signatures on different personnel to regulate access to weapons, ammunition, gear, and other equipment in the facility with chain of custody.

Weapons Tracking System User Management and Authorization

Real-Time Reporting and Log

Generate reports and audit trails based on real time information captured. Provides a record of all authorized firearms and equipment by tracking its movements, as well as maintenance information.

System Alerts and Notifications

Maintains weapons tracking logs in the system when weapons are issued and retrieved from personnel for their tasks. Our RFID reader and the antenna can trigger notification alarms for thefts or security breaches.

RFID Armory Management and Inventory System
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Access your armory Portal from anywhere

Grant access to users with the easy to use role-based permission system.

Visibility for the entire chain of command.

Armory Master Pro System Highlights

We Build Weapons Tracking Systems That Are Secure and Accurate"

User access history and weapons movement log

Real time dashboard for high level decision making

Automated user management, user roles, authorization and electronic signature

Instant day-to-day missing weapon status report

User Management and Permission Levels for weapons access

Alarms and notification for unauthorized weapons access with RFID antenna

Search and locate weapons and ammunitions within minutes

Secure access and accountability with report

Time and cost savings for the organization

RFID System Integration

RFID Armory Management
App screens

We focus on high-level user interface that makes your process and daily operation easy.

RFID Armory Management Main Dashboard

iOS and Android Mobile App for RFID Handheld Device to Track, Locate, and Manage Inventory

RFID Armory Management and Inventory System Mobile App

Weapons Inventory Management Dashboard

Track and Manage Weapons and Ammunition Inventory, and Stay Alert with Unauthorized Access

RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System Inventory

Secure Checking via Armory Management Screen

Check-In, Check-Out Weapons and Ammunitions After the Valid Authentication

RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System - Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

Armory Master Pro is a cloud-based RFID system for precise tracking of armory inventories, including weapons and ammunition. Built with military-grade technology, it’s ideal for law enforcement, military, and corrections facilities seeking efficient and secure asset management.
Armory Master Pro streamlines inventory management by using RFID tags for fast and accurate tracking, reducing counts from days to minutes and eliminating the errors of paper-based systems for both lethal and non-lethal weapons.
Yes, Armory Master Pro is capable of tracking both lethal and non-lethal inventory items. This includes firearms, ammunition, Tazers, flashlights, and any other assets that can be tagged with RFID for easy enrollment and tracking.
The system facilitates easy check-out and check-in of equipment, maintaining accurate records of usage times and user details. RFID tags enable quick identification and tracking of all movements, ensuring accountability and efficient management.
Yes, the system includes an ammunition control feature that allows for the safe and efficient transfer of ammunition between storage locations. It keeps precise records of ammunition to ensure accurate inventory management.
It features user management with control levels and electronic signatures for regulated access. Real-time reports, logs, and alerts for any unauthorized access ensure thorough accountability and security.
Yes, the system is cloud-based, allowing authorized users to access the armory portal from anywhere. It offers role-based permissions for different levels of access, ensuring that the entire chain of command has visibility into armory operations.
Key benefits include significant time and cost savings, enhanced security and accountability, the ability to locate weapons and ammunition quickly, and improved decision-making through real-time dashboards and reporting.
You can schedule a free demo with our experts to see how Armory Master Pro can transform your weapons inventory management. This demo will provide a hands-on look at the system’s capabilities and demonstrate how it can address your specific needs.
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Armory Master Pro

RFID Armory Management
and Weapons Tracking System

The RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System is the most reliable and efficient way to manage your armory. With this system, you can track your weapons inventory, Firearms ID Cards, ammunition, and other sensitive materials in real-time.

Talk to our experts to find out how we can customize our RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System to meet your specific needs.


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    Why Choose Cenango

    RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking Systems

    Armory exchanges have never been faster or safer than with our RFID Armory Management System. The RFID Armory Management System automates the verification processes of your weapons, ammunition, gear, and other equipment. Keeping track and reports as it enters and exits the facility.

    In addition to our RFID Armory Management Systems, we offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions. To learn more about our RFID Armory Management Systems, email us and we’ll put you in touch with a representative. Consult us today.

    Dedicated Support Team

    Every project will be assigned with a dedicated project manager and a team.

    Scalable Application

    Our systems are fully customizable to suit your organizational requirements.

    Security and usability

    Security and usability are our core focus when developing the application.

    RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System Software

    Decision Support System

    Our RFID application comes with high level dashboard with latest statistics and daily updates.

    Maintenance & Support

    Our dedicated team will ensure that system maintenance and updates are done promptly. 


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    Projects Completed

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    RFID Management App

    Connectivity that Drives Efficient Tracking

    Make Data-Driven Decisions in Real-Time

    Seamlessly track weapons through RFID tracking automation of guns, ammunition and users with our Mobile App. This allows you to make data-driven real-time decisions.

    Track Weapons and Weapon Movements

    Keep your weapons, inventory, and stock organized and up-to-date to maintain accurate tracking of weapons movements and user engagement.

    Talk to Us Today to Find Out How Automation Could Revolutionize Your Armory Operations!

    RFID Armory Management and Inventory System
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    RFID Weapons Tracking System

    Simple to Use Armory Management Designed to Manage Your Operations

    The RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System is perfect for businesses, government agencies, and private individuals. It’s easy to use and totally scalable, so it can grow with your needs.


    Man Hours Saved

    10 Mins

    For Full Inventory


    Annual Savings


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    Updated: 1st Of July, 2024
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