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As a specialized RFID System Integrators, we offer robust asset tracking and inventory management, our tailored services provide organized and seamless integration of locating and identifying tracked data with other systems.

Cenango delivers fully automated tracking solutions, allowing you to make the best decisions. By consulting, we can design and offer seamless hardware and software integration, train your staff, and give essential support for implementing RFID and IoT in your organization.


We have also developed complex web, and mobile applications that have digitized many organizations’ managerial processes in the long run.

What we do

A Diverse Skillset,

a Diverse range of RFID systems

Cenango is a RFID System Integrator that can provide a reliable first-rate experience. You can quickly do a stock take and trace the location of every item in your inventory while keeping track of your stock or asset levels from any place at any time.

Enterprise Mobility With RFID integration

Enterprise Mobility

Reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise mobility and RFID investments as streamlining enterprise operations. We offer mobile device deployment, management, and servicing solutions for barcode and RFID scanners, personal computers, and tablets.

IoT Integration with RFID

With our IoT-based software and hardware solutions, you may obtain precise, real-time asset and inventory tracking data. IoT asset tracking makes use of sensors and linked devices to enable remote monitoring and management.

Asset and Inventory Tracking

Inventory and Tracking​

We can develop a cost-effective inventory and supply chain management system and open possibilities in the application uses of returnable items, tracking precious products, and warehouse management.

Improve Productivity with Automation

RFID System Integrator
- key features

Cenango integrates RFID solutions that can provide a reliable first-rate experience. You can quickly do a stock take and trace the location of every item in your inventory while keeping track of your stock or asset levels from any place at any time.

RFID Wireless Tracking System

Wireless Tracking

Locate objects over your wireless LAN with fixed readers or mobile devices.

Adaptable System

For optimum extensibility, our RFID software interfaces with any web API.

Cost Effective RFID System Integrator

Cost-effective Solution

Nearly anything may be tracked at a minimal cost per item thanks to the latest RFID technology.

Consulting and Training for RFID Systems

Training and Consulting

Allow our team of RFID specialists to design a business process from start or to record your current procedure for repeatable outcomes.

Compatible RFID Solutions for Any Industry

Multi Platform Compatibility

Our program integrates through web services and functions with common web browser web extensions, making it web-friendly.

RFID Cloud Integration Services

Cloud Integration

Use our software to manage your data or combine it with your custom cloud-based solutions.



Any enterprise or industry, regardless of the scale of its business has realized that RFID integration services give a competitive edge. Our RFID solutions coupled with digital technology can offer great value to all clients across a wide range of industries.


Management of healthcare asset tracking and patient monitoring, pre-tagged RFID are saving hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare institutions significant amounts of time, money, and lives.

RFID Solutions for Pharmacies


Manufacturer-Enabled smart labels with RFID tags support pharmacies to track their drug inventory, improving the quality of prescriptions entry, and reducing medication errors.

Supply Chain

Production and logistics are two areas where RFID technology is very dominant. It enables businesses to quickly track every link in their supply chain.

RFID File Management System

File Management

Track, locate and manage inventory, prevent theft, and monitor the movement of important files and documents.

RFID Solutions for Retails Industry


Inventory tracking is a widely used RFID application in retail. Accurate, real-time stock information can lower the cost and inefficiencies of managing inventory and can boost customer satisfaction.

RFID Integration for Warehouse


The primary factors driving the adoption of mobile RFID devices by governmental and military entities is because of its ability to track assets and save time.

RFID Integration for Warehouse


RFID tags are augmented in products for operation efficiency and accuracy in warehousing.


The potential for manufacturers using RFID technology is diverse. Practically any industry which deploys products or machinery can conceivably deploy RFID tags.

RFID Integration for Apparel Industry


RFID makes it possible to identify each piece of garment specifically. An RFID tag is embedded for identification and tracking during the entire process. This lowers costs and losses, and gives the process complete control.

RFID Integration for Aviation


Today’s aerospace and aviation businesses are utilizing RFID technologies to track thousands of airplane parts and improve supply chain transparency.


Farmers embed RFID tags in the packaging of agricultural products to assess the health of the product, which makes it easy to add concurrent information to the tag.

RFID Integration for Automobile Industry


In industrial sectors like the automobile industry, traceability is crucial. Incorporating RFID in the automotive industry increases production, shortens assembly line times, and manages inventory.

Focusing on automating your inventory, asset tracking with RFID Integration and improve productivity and security.



Our RFID System Integrator services   is designed and built to streamline every step of operation.

Talk to our experts to find out how we can customize our RFID System to meet your specific needs.

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Why CHOOSE Cenango as your Expert RFID SYSTEM Integrator

Our clients are our priority, Cenango engages to create business solutions with industry experience to save your time and hassles. You can quickly monitor stocks and trace the whereabouts of every item in your inventory while keeping track from any location at any time.

Despite the numerous RFID integration services available today, successfully implementing an RFID system remains one of the biggest challenges.

Comprehensive Skillset

We ensure everything is handled from the inception of the project to the end, with the RFID tags and labels for your application.

Innovative Technology

We can reduce the amount of time and test necessary and deliver a quicker return on investment with access to state-of-the-art RFID tags.

High Productivity

Our RFID solutions can boost your company's productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

Our Backend and API Solutions​

Our RFID technology offers
real-time visibility

Cenango RFID Systems Architecture

Robust Hardware

To meet your specific needs, Cenango collaborates with top RFID hardware manufacturers and provides easy data collection, processing, and analysis from portals, tags, and readers

Integrated Middleware

Hardware installation is only one aspect of our RFID software solutions. To get the most out of your RFID investment, Cenango will address both application needs and constraints.

Fully Configurable

Almost any ERP can be integrated with our adaptable RFID tracking solution. Additionally, it adapts to your individual workflow and current operations.

Talk to us today to find out how automation could revolutionize your armory operations!

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