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Our HIPAA Compliant Software Empowers Healthcare Providers

As a is the leading HIPAA compliant healthcare software Development company. We provide innovative software solutions to help healthcare providers meet the rigorous security and compliance requirements of HIPAA. We have unique knowledge and understanding of how to build HIPAA Compliant healthcare software that drives your healthcare services forward, so you can focus on providing the best care.

Updated: 15th of July, 2024

Scalable HIPAA Compliant Healthcare
Software for Hospitals and Patients

With our HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software, you can rest assured that your patients’ information will be safe and secure. This custom built software features a robust security protocol that includes encryption and authentication, so you can be confident that your data is protected. In addition, our system is designed to be easy to use, so you can focus on providing quality care to your patients.

Customizable HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Application to Suit Your Needs

Customizable Application
to Suit Your Needs

 We’ll work with you to understand and shape your objectives and then work with you to build a portal that drives you to success. All elements of the portal are customizable which means you get a user experience and look and feel that matches your practice and meets your needs.

Connect Multiple Healthcare Devices

Connect Multiple
Healthcare Devices

Connectivity is fundamental to great care. Our system allows you to capture data about patients from multiple sources and devices – giving you the information you need in one place. This allows you to drive efficiency in your practice and give a seamless experience to your patients.

HIPAA & PCI Compliant Healthcare Application

Compliant Application

Safety is a fundamental part of Cenango’s Three S Philosophy, and the protection of your practice and your patients is at the heart of our development process. Our healthcare systems are encrypted and fully compliant with HIPAA and PCI, giving you and your patients peace of mind that your data is protected and your business is secure and safe.

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software

A Portal That Suits Your Healthcare Practice

Give patients a seamless experience

Our HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software gives patients a one-stop-shop where they can book appointments, make payments, and much more – making access to your practice easier than ever.

Make your practice slicker and more efficient

The portal allows you to manage every element of your practice at the touch of a button – from roster management and scheduling to patient records and analysis.

Healthcare Software Development Services Agency
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Results-Driven HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software

Our HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software will makes it easy to manage your patient records and keep track of their medical history. You can quickly and easily access patient information, making it simple to provide the best possible care. This system is designed to work seamlessly with your existing electronic health record (EHR) system.

Healthcare System That Drive Success

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare
Software for Efficiency

Our HIPAA compliant healthcare Software is essential for any healthcare organization. With our Halthcare software, you can be sure that your patient data is safe and secure. This system helps you to comply with HIPAA regulations, ensuring that your patient’s privacy is protected.


Empowering You to Provide Holistic Care

We’ll work with you to build HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software that becomes the hub of your practice, empowers you to provide great care, and helps you thrive into the future.

Efficient, Accurate, and Flawless Portal:

An admin panel allows you to easily manage staff and roster alongside patient records, with multiple user levels.

Appointment Booking and Payment:

Effortlessly schedule and manage appointments and manage payments.

Customizable Doctor and Patient Portals:

Distinct but connected portals for your doctors and patients allow for seamless management and communication.

Robust and Secure Record Management:

Safe, secure, and HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Record Management System gives you easy access to records and peace of mind your data is protected.

Hospital and Patient Healthcare Portal Web Application

Customizable Reports & Analytics:

Generate reports giving you robust intelligence and data to drive continuous improvement.


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Ready-to-Use HIPAA Compliant
Healthcare Software​

Built to Suit Your Requirements


    What is 2 + 3

    HIPAA Compliant Systems

    HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software
    for Hospitals, Doctors and Clinics

    With our HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software for Doctors and Clinics, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access patient records, schedule appointments, and more. This software makes it easy to keep track of everything happening at your clinic, so you can provide the best possible care for your patients.


    A High-Performing Hub for Your Practice

    Our HIPAA compliant Hospital and Patient Portal solution gives you a custom hub to empower you to provide great patient care.

    Improves Patient Care:

    Create a seamless, personalized experience and improve patient outcomes.

    Offers Physician Video:

    Online communication reduces the need for in-person patient follow-ups.


    You can white-label and add or remove features to create a portal tailored to your needs.

    Prescription Management:

    A secure, automated process makes prescription management easy and efficient.

    Healthcare Hospital Custom Software Development Admin

    Improves Patient Care:

    Create a seamless, personalized experience and improve patient outcomes.

    HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software Development Services
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    HIPAA Compliant Web and Mobile Apps

    HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software Development

    If you’re looking for a healthcare web and mobile apps that’s fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, look no further than our HIPAA Compliant Healthcare System. This system is designed to help healthcare providers meet all of the requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, including security and privacy standards.


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    Our Healthcare Mobile Apps

    Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients,
    Hospitals and Professionals

    Cenango is a healthcare mobile app development company that creates innovative mobile apps for the healthcare industry. Our team of experienced developers has created mobile apps for hospitals, clinics, health insurance companies and more. We specialize in developing native iOS and Android apps, as well as cross-platform solutions using React Native. Our goal is to help our clients improve patient care, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare mobile app development services!

    Remote Patient Monitoring - Healthcare Mobile App

    Introducing Telemed Network’s, remote patient monitoring mobile app. Our healthcare mobile app enables patients to receive real-time care and treatment from their physicians, regardless of location. With Telemed Network’s RPM mobile app, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality of care possible.

    Remote Patient Monitoring - healthcare application

    Telemedicine IOS and Android Healthcare Mobile App

    Our Telemedicine Healthcare Mobile App is ideal for all types of healthcare providers, including primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, home health agencies, and hospices. With our healthcare mobile app, you can easily track and manage your patient’s health data in one convenient place.

    Telemedicine - Healthcare Consultation App

    Specimen Tracking Healthcare Mobile App for Laboratories

    Our reliable and easy-to-use Specimen Tracking Healthcare Mobile App provide laboratories with real-time data on specimen whereabouts while in transit. This helps ensure timely and accurate results. specimens never get lost, and your laboratory staff can focus on providing quality patient care.

    Specimen Tracking - Healthcare Laboratory GPS Tracking Application

    Our HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Software Solution

    Safety is at the Heart
    of Our Philosophy

    Our secure systems keep you and your patients safe.

    A Trusted Partner

    Our decades of experience working with healthcare organizations gives you the assurance we understand security is paramount.

    HIPAA Compliant

    Our systems are fully HIPAA compliant, giving you and your patients the peace of mind their data and health records are safe.

    PCI Compliant

    We build PCI compliance into our software – protecting your business and your patients by securing payment information.

    Data Encryption

    High-level encryption is built into our software solutions - protecting your practice and your patients with impenetrable coding.


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