A Robust RFID Inventory Control System

How A Global Service Provider Is Improving Operational Efficiency With RFID Technology
Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) is a multi-office Global service provider specializing in inventory management and material handling for both government and private clients. Since 1969 SSG has worked with industry leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, and the US Military to provide solutions to manage and store their assets. Over the years, they have seen their client’s needs grow from storing assets to tracking and managing those assets. SSG identified an opportunity within their target markets to utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to assist in the automation of compliance and inventory management tasks. As an example, SSG found law firms were losing a significant amount of time and money just looking for files. Through the use of RFID-enabled tags and hand-held scanning devices, a law firm can quickly and easily find a file with a quick scan with their mobile reader. Auditing data can straight forward as well. Using FetchRFID, SSG clients inventory management challenges where issues such as inventory losses and upcoming service requirements can be identified and addressed – immediately.  Seeing this, SSG turned to Cenango to provide the expertise and development services to design, develop, and deploy their very own RFID Inventory Management System called, Fetch RFID.
Fetch RFID

Many of SSG’s clients track and manage critical assets ranging from healthcare equipment to weapons for the US military. In addition to this, SSG also works with many law firm businesses and Educational Universities that need to track and manage files.
SSG, seeing such a broad range of interest in RFID technology, decided to develop a cloud-based web application that can meet the challenges of tracking and making visible critical assets. FetchRFID tracking solution enables equipment manufacturers and file managers to rise above their competition and be the first to provide their industry with the ability to track inventory and to obtain accurate, real-time information about their products. SSG has a worldwide network of authorized distributors and service facilities to provide continuous support throughout the life cycle of their products – inventory is a critical piece to this cycle.

Any system intended to track valuable assets needs to be easy to use, making the least possible impact on staff. That was the goal of this project. Fetch RFID offers the client three kit packages: bronze, silver, and gold. Each kit provides a specific level of functionality and includes hardware that suites a variety of size implementations. Fetch RFID also offers an Enterprise version for clients that need a complete custom application.

RFID Technology, with its ability to automatically capture location data and link it to individual assets’ identity, offers a simple way to track and manage assets such as client folders, medical equipment, vaccines, accessories, and weapons. Cenango has extensive experience in the RFID field, having worked on small to large scale projects for the last ten years.
Together Cenango and SSG delivered an innovative, well-integrated solution that works for SSG’s client base.

“Cenango started working on trying to understand our needs in-depth.
The result was the perfect system design that met the needs of SSG and our customers. Fetch RFID allows expanding our services to our existing client base and expanding to new markets. Cenango has been a complete joy to work with.”



Shawn Panosian, Director at Southwest Solutions Group,


Improved Check Out – Check In System

SSG saw that their clients need a system that made visible when assets were going out and going in. The range of assets was extensive. The items involved entire medical beds, legal case files, and complex high-value items. Their client\’s existing legacy system and processes were failing to work successfully for them. As a result, the whereabouts of things and visibility were unreliable, leading to a loss of confidence in tracking and managing their assets. This loss of faith harms their client’s business. The loss of control and visibility of their assets hurt the bottom line of their customer’s profit potential. Cenango’s challenge was to solve these issues by delivering a system that was easy to use, accurate, and had multiple industry applications. Cenango delivered. Fetch RFID identifies each item with an RFID, 1D, or 2D barcode tag carrying a unique asset number.

How RFID Technology Works?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that works on radio frequency, and it is used for the auto-identification of objects and personnel. There are multiple RFID frequencies based on proximity (a few centimeters) to long-range (many meters). RFID is replacing the traditionally used barcoding due to its efficiency and ease of use. The most significant advantage of RFID is it can scan and detect multiple objects at the same time from a distance, making it the most efficient way of tracking assets and resources. RFID now comes in 100’s of different forms of material and dimensions: from stickers, metals, plastics to cloth-based.

FetchRFID processes commission and print the RFID tags that incorporate customer specific information and general product data received from the client’s corporate ERP system. The RFID tags are encoded and printed, on demand, then fixed to the asset to provide a tamper-proof label application. RFID-encoded data includes:

    •  Unique Serial Number
    •  File Number or Manufacturer Part Number
    •  Custom Asset Information
    •  And much more!

When using the system, clients can track the arrival, issuance, and location of an asset by checking the item\’s tag at the point of registration of the asset. The end-user is asked to sign in and ID the item. From here, the asset is automatically linked to the unique ID number, and the client’s database is updated accordingly.

Capturing asset data electronically improves the efficiency and accuracy of the asset management process. Fetch RFID runs of an iPhone-based mobile scanner allowing the user to locate, update, and make visible all assets in real-time. The result is secure, streamline, of accurately managing assets.

Cenango carefully engineered the user interface so that the UI can be used intuitively by the staff. Simple to use custom applications have been a special focus for Cenango over the years. As a result, SSG can offer Fetch RFID to their clients, allowing them to focus on their core business and increase profitability.

If you would like to learn more about how Cenango meets asset tracking and management challenges, contact us today!

What Benefits Does RFID Provide?

The key benefits of Fetch RFID are:

    •  Increase Asset Visibility
    •  Inventory Visibility Express
    •  Improves Employee Productivity
    •  Mitigates Risk, Theft, and Loss
    •  Improves Security
    •  Increase Accuracy of Inventory Management
    •  Centralized Database
    •  Instant Location of Assets
    •  Find-a-File Feature Module
    •  Anywhere Access
    •  Custom Reporting
    •  Integration Capabilities
    •  Custom Process Solutions
    •  Real-Time Notifications
    •  Facility Mapping
    •  User Friendly Interface
About Cenango

Cenango is a US-based software and development company that has provided global enterprises with custom technological solutions for over twenty years. As technology has evolved and innovation has accelerated rates of progress across the digital landscape, we’ve streamlined our solutions to help our clients thrive in an increasingly connected world.

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