Cenango Unveils the RMR 1.0, The Next -Gen in RFID Technology for Asset Management.

Cenango Introduces RMR 1.0

Miami, Florida – Cenango has announced the release of their RFID Inventory app to the app store. With this updated release, Cenango’s RFID inventory application now enables remote support for their clients from any location.

“Across all industries, RFID technology is being utilized to control, protect, and make visible critical assets, especially in the material handling industry,” stated Shawn Panosian, Director of Marketing and Product Development at Southwest Solutions Group.

RFID Mobile Reader 1.0

RMR 1.0 is packaged into an RFID kit, shipped directly to clients, and is ready to use. Procured right here in Miami, Cenango sends the complete setup with instructions and support, making it easy for their customers to get started.

Cenango RMR 1.0 is equipped with robust features such as find-a-file, where the end-user can pan an area to look for a file, and then the reader IDs the file, finding its unique RFID number among other RFID tagged files.

The result is efficiency that saves money for businesses. RMR 1.0 was designed with usability in mind, with intuitive technologies that allow users to interact by touch on a multi-view graphical interface.

Cenango set a new bar with the launch of RMR 1.0. The debut of the RMR 1.0 RFID product makes inventory management a truly effortless experience for all users without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

Key Features - RMR 1.0
  • Multiple users on one mobile reader
  • No installation is required.
  • Find-a-File feature is ready
  • Able to read numerous RFID tags
  • Multi-industry and applicable
  • Intuitive UI
  • High performance and readability

RFID technology is firmly established and continuing to expand across various industries. According to IDTechEx, the RFID market was valued at approximately $11.6 billion in 2019, with projections suggesting it could surpass $13 billion by 2022. This growth encompasses tags, readers, and software for both passive and active RFID systems.

The technology’s versatility is highlighted by its extensive use in retail, where RFID tags are essential for apparel, accounting for 10 billion tags in 2019 alone. Additionally, RFID tagging is increasingly adopted in agriculture, where it is not only becoming more common but also a legal requirement in many places, with 580 million tags used in 2019 for animal tagging.

Cenango’s RMR 1.0, with its innovative features, is designed to tap into this growing market. It requires no installation and is ready to use upon delivery. The “Find-a-File” feature allows users to quickly locate specific files with RFID tags, enhancing productivity across multiple industries. Capable of reading numerous RFID tags simultaneously, RMR 1.0 supports multiple users on one mobile reader, featuring a highly intuitive user interface and delivering high performance and readability, making it a standout choice for modern inventory management and tracking solutions.

Industries RMR 1.0 Serves
  • Retail
  • Material handling
  • Law firms
  • Asset Management
  • Armory Management

Pricing and availability upon request.

For more information, contact Shawn Panosian. Email: shawn@cenango.com | Mobile: 469-822-7947

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