Best User Experience Ideas for Mobile Apps for e-commerce

E-commerce mobile apps are changing the way in which consumers are shopping online. Convenience has made it one of the most opted ways of shopping for almost any product. You can easily get your hands on any product, no matter where in the world you are connecting from. The global online retail market is expected to reach up to $7.385 trillion by 2025. It proves that online businesses are rising and gaining more profits with borderless e-commerce. E-commerce mobile apps create a seamless user experience to the user, which is why it is so popular in the modern world. This post discusses all about how e-commerce mobile apps create an enriched user experience. It is why you need to get in hold of an e-commerce mobile app development agency to convert your business into a process that provides a seamless user experience.
Creating A Seamless User Experience For Your E-Commerce Mobile App
Improving the user experience should be the main goal of any business that intends to go online. It is an essential component in the online business world, and one that you need to adapt with the growing technological trends. Here’s how you can create a seamless user experience with your e-commerce mobile app, which increases your conversion rates.

Start With Solid Design Concepts And Integrate Into The Right UI

A well-speculated UX design will keep users awed, which matters a lot during the initial phases of grabbing their attention. Handy UX with UI that fulfills with a combination of the right colors, shapes and elements, can do wonders to your e-commerce mobile app. The user interface is an inheritable portion of any mobile solution. Therefore, a project begins with applying UX deliverables including product design ideas, user and competitor research, and mapping the customer journey to create the ideal design for that. The UI and UX must typically work together to provide the user with the best experience. Therefore, the UX is the backbone of an excellent design when implemented with the right mobile UI for e-commerce.

Present Thumb-Friendly Screen Zones

Proper placement of elements of the e-commerce mobile app is vital for the success of your business. If not, it could complicate the customer’s journey that could result in losing your valuable customers. Thumb-friendly zones work in providing a seamless user experience. It gives users space on the screen to reach the parts that they intend to, while holding the phone in the same hand. It makes clicking much simpler, and greatly enhances the overall user experience. Thumb-friendly zones include the center and lower corners of the screen. You can use the other places on the screen to place various elements, but keep these areas reserved as thumb-friendly zones. For example, the payment process buttons like ‘Add to cart’ should be placed in a thumb-friendly zone to provide the customer with the best experience.

Use The Three-Tap Rule

In e-commerce mobile apps, the UX structure should not take more than three taps to get to a product. Here is the order in which you need to arrange your products: Categories Sub-categories Products You can arrange products in categories specified by seasons, such as Christmas, Valentines etc. The search bar is a vital component of UX design for an e-commerce mobile app. It helps customers to directly access a product that they are interested in. For example, voice search utilizes voice recognition to improve customer engagement, and provide a faster and better shopping experience.

Focus On Readability

According to recent studies, 25% of mobile apps are abandoned after the initial use. The main cause for this is poor UX design. The small screen size in mobile devices works as a barrier in e-commerce. So getting around this barrier is crucial in e-commerce mobile app development. Users want to clearly see product descriptions and shipping details, providing users an enhanced user experience. Ensure to check all possible spacing problems and maximize content readability on screens, to create a seamless user experience.

Design Simple Registration And Checkout Procedures

An e-commerce mobile app should only focus on gathering information that is essential and avoid lengthy checkout procedures. You should also keep UX as simple as possible to be able to fit into the mobile device’s screen without the need to scroll. Multi-page signup and checkout procedures could easily frustrate users, which is not what you want. These apps test the user’s patient, which typically leads to cart abandonment and profit loss. Make signup and checkout procedures seamless by integrating features like auto fill to modify orders etc.

Place The Emphasis On Navigation

One of the crucial facts in terms of increasing sales using an e-commerce mobile app is to perfect the navigation. It involves creating a natural flow for users. It helps them make more purchases without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. The best way to do this is to use standard elements. The navigation component is not the best place to show your creativity. Using standard elements and being simple is ideal. The goal is to make the navigation options visible so that users can easily navigate.

Use A Minimalistic Design

Simplicity is crucial to help customers find the products they need fast. So keep the UI simple and avoid adding any complicated elements to it. E-commerce mobile apps should be seamless to use and embrace a minimalist mindset. Here are a few things you need to consider for a minimalist design: Implement simple color schemes Use a single typeface Pay attention to spacing to ensure the mobile app does not look cluttered

Be Consistent With The Design

Consistency is key in e-commerce mobile app development. It is one of the most common UX design tips. Focus on the following key elements when designing a mobile app for your e-commerce business: Make us of visual elements like color schemes, typefaces, and buttons Focus on functionality to ensure that interactive features work the same on multiple screens Follow the same design scheme for your website, mobile app, and products Implementing these factors will show you a clear difference in how your e-commerce mobile app reaches customers.

Use Horizontal Filtering

Horizon filtering takes a user-centered and flexible approach and is crucial in e-commerce mobile app development. It enables full-width screen use and a view of active filters while scrolling. You can use various components such as paragraphs, sliders, and tables to drive more extensive UX.

Use Virtual Reality UX For Shopping

Virtual reality technology greatly helps in driving engaging UX and helping users have a positive shopping experience with e-commerce mobile apps. The use of VR integration with UX helps users view products better and get a clear understanding of its features. It can also boost the shopping experience by allowing customers to skip a trip to the store. Users can simply try on their favorite clothes virtually to see how they look on them or place a piece of furniture in their house to see how it fits the entire setting.

Support Pinch And Double-Tap Zoom Gestures

Pinch and double-tap zoom feature allows zooming in a product image to get a better view of it. This feature can directly influence a user’s buying decision as it gives a better view of the product to the user. Providing natural and easy gesture flow helps proper inspections and fosters curiosity in a product.

Use Object Animation And Imagery Appropriately

Every design component and animal object should serve some function. It is vital because of the mobile screen limits that it makes sense to use animated design objects to serve multiple functions. Ensure to use object animation and imagery in a natural way that guides users and engages them to the expected action making UX clearer. It helps keep your users engaged and interested in the entire process.

Focus On Exceptional UX For Search Results

Ensure that the in-app search experience assists the online search process. Approximately 40% of customers use AI-based assistants to search for products that they require. Combining this feature with voice recognition technology provides users with answers on the voice search. You can do the same using image recognition technology and display the results in an image search on the e-commerce mobile app. It makes the shopping experience more personalized and keeps users engaged and interested in shopping.

Integrate Wishlist And Save Features

Providing ‘wishlist’ and ‘save’ features makes the customer shopping experience uninterrupted. You could also introduce the function of sending emails or custom notifications to customers with a list of all their saved items. It could also include reminders of unfinished purchases at the mobile device’s background.
Benefits Of Improving E-Commerce Mobile App UX
Enhancing the customer’s shopping experience will result in substantial benefits for any business, if done appropriately. Below are the benefits of improving an e-commerce mobile app UX.

Increase In The Number Of Users

Having a bad experience with an app will surely make that customer avoid using the same app again. Not only that, it will also make the customer lose trust in the brand itself. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that customers have the best shopping experience with your e-commerce mobile app. This in turn will result in customers using the app more often.

Increases Brand Name And Authority

When a customer has a good experience with an app, he builds trust in the brand and focuses on buying products and doing shopping with the same brand. These customers will also recommend the app and brand to others, which will directly impact brand value and sales.

Increases User Engagement And Retention

Providing a personalized user experience in concept or design, will raise all mobile app’s engagement metrics. For example, an app may be designed to keep users engaged with features like original content, discount notifications, and gift cards. This type of UX customization will increase user’s engagement and retention in the e-commerce mobile app.

Increase Profits And Conversions

A well-designed mobile app helps create a seamless user experience. It means that more people will use your e-commerce mobile app, including repeat customers. All of this means that you get more sales and increased profits.


Improving UX is a continuous process and one that can definitely help in increasing sales and growing your business. Therefore, you need to ensure to update your business with an app by contacting an e-commerce mobile app development agency. Cenango is one of the leading ecommerce mobile app development agencies in the US. Our team of experts will be able to provide you with perfect UX design for your mobile app, helping to create a seamless user experience for your e-commerce mobile app.

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