How Fetch Estimator Is Revolutionizing Sales Prospecting


New Sales Software Is Revolutionizing How Qualified Leads Are Being Identified

Cenango, a rising star in software development, has recently deployed a new release of estimating software, Fetch Estimator. Designed to improve the sales process for Southwest Solutions Group, a large scanning company located in Dallas, TX,  Fetch Estimator, allows the organization to vet out potential scanning clients by asking strategic questions, accompanied by intelligently placed calculations that all lead to a budget estimate for the customer without any involvement from their sales team.  Using Fetch Estimator saves time and money in qualifying leads for the sales representatives.

“With the launch of our new software, Fetch Estimator, we have improved both the customer journey and experience while creating a shorter and more efficient sales cycle. Fetch Estimator has directly decreased our sales cycle while further enabling our sales reps to more effectively and efficiently identify highly qualified leads. Through the launch of this new software, we have reduced the discovery period needed and improved the process for collecting project relevant information. Our sales reps are now able to provide faster customized solutions to our clients; ones that incorporate set budgetary constraints and unique project requirements.”

Mark Current, VP of Sales at Southwest Solutions Group.


Many companies often struggle with balancing operational effectiveness and creating an effective sales cycle. With software like Fetch Estimator, Cenango has created an efficient solution to both shorten the sales cycle and help improve operational effectiveness for improved customer experience. Fetch Estimator reduces the time spent during the initial discovery period to determine if a lead is qualified and instead lets sales teams to more effectively focus on those that are qualified and guide them those the sales cycle in a shorter manner.

Fetch Estimator Features Include:

Understand how the customer files are stored.

  • Determining Cubic Feet and average size of the box of files.
  • Condition of the files.
  • Data Capture Requirements.
  • Format of the files.
  • Preferred resolution.

And much more!

The end result after the client uses the Fetch Estimator wizard is a cost analysis that includes a price, description of service, transportation criteria, and any important notes regarding their project.  This new software will increase profit, qualified leads, and time savings!

Interested in improving your operational effectiveness with a conceptual software?

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