Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Do you struggle to connect with your patients or have trouble getting people to book their next visit? 

Investing in mobile app development can offer patients a new way to book appointments and message you. But before you hire the first development firm you see, consider a few questions to ask. That way, you can choose the best service for your needs. Read on to learn about the best questions to ask a developer.

What Does The Company Do?

One of the most important questions to ask when outsourcing app development is what the company does. Some companies, for example, may only offer iOS app development. Others may focus on Internet of Things, or IoT app development. Knowing what a company offers can help you choose a company that will meet your needs.

Here are a few services to consider:

  • Web Development: Even when developing a mobile app, web development can come in handy. That way, you’ll be able to develop a similar web app that patients can use on their computers. Ask a mobile app development firm about the experience of its developers. Whether you want to create a web app or not, it’s nice to know if that’s an option.

  • System Optimization: You may also want to ask about the systems the mobile app development company has in place. Good systems can make it easier for the team to develop the app you want. The right mobile app development company should have some sort of system to follow. Then, they’ll be able to develop an app that performs well.

  • Security Systems: Cybersecurity is a vital part of any mobile app, and the best mobile app development service will take it seriously. If an app development company doesn’t use secure systems, your app may be vulnerable to hackers. Be sure to ask about the security measures a developer takes or what systems they use for security. Knowing that can help you determine if the developer will be able to secure your app.

  • UI and UX Interface: User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are both essential to developing a good app for patients. You should ask if a development firm is able to provide a good user experience. However, you should also consider how your branding can fit into your app. A good developer will be able to create a good experience for patients without compromising on the design and use of your brand colors and fonts.

  • API Management: You may also want to hire a mobile app development company that offers API creation and management. This service can help you grow and scale your business. That way, you’ll be able to reach your goals using your new mobile app.
What Can The Company Deliver?
Another important piece of the mobile app development puzzle is knowing what a company can deliver. You can ask to view apps in the company’s portfolio to get an idea of how your app may look. When meeting with a company, ask if they can develop an app for different platforms. Consider if they use react native or hybrid development to make apps for their clients. These details may not make a huge difference, but they can affect the end product.
How Does The Company Work?

You should also ask a mobile app development company about its development process. Good development firms will have a system they use to create all apps, at least at a basic level. There may be some small changes the company makes to create specific features for an app. However, understanding the overall process can help you get an idea of how your app will function. Consider our app development process:


First, it’s important for the client and development team to work together and assess the client’s needs. Good development teams will use the information to help come up with a suitable app idea. The company may come up with a strategy to help bring your app idea to life. Then, the developers can get to work and save everyone time by being on the same page regarding goals.


Our next step in developing an app is to create a wireframe, which is a simple design of the app. Good developers will make sure to follow any client requirements so that the app is on the right track. If something is wrong, you should speak up and ask for a new wireframe. Then, you’ll make sure to receive an app you like and that you can use with your patients.

UI and UX Design:

At this point, the app is slowly starting to come together, and it’s time for the design phase. We like to cover both UI and UX design so that the app is easy and enjoyable for patients to use. Good app designs will represent your brand well to help build authority as patients use it. That way, the users will know which app it is when they see the icon and when they enter the app.

Development and Coding:

Coding is a significant part of any mobile app development project. A good company will spend time coding the app so that it works well when people use it and that it’s not just pretty to view. We also like to develop apps so that they can scale up as your business grows. For example, you may only need a few functions now, but you may need more options later, and a good app will support those additions.


A bad mobile app development agency may release the app now to you and your patients. However, a better firm will spend time testing the app and its individual features. We like to conduct plenty of tests to make sure your app works well and that there aren’t any issues. If we find something wrong, it’s easy to go in and fix it now than to wait until a user reports an error.

Beta Version:

Another step in testing the app is to launch a beta version for more users to try. We will collect data from beta users to make sure the app works well and that everything makes sense to your users. If we run into any problems or if users have questions, we can address those things. Then, your final version of the app will be ready to launch to even more people.

App Launch:

Finally, you’re ready to launch the app to the public. You can choose if you want to launch immediately or schedule the app launch for later on.


Issues are bound to happen at some point, and app maintenance is crucial for finding and fixing problems. We offer support around the clock in case you need help with your app.

Why Choose One Company Over Another?

Before you choose the right mobile app development firm, you should ask what sets it apart from the competition. For example, we focus on developing apps for healthcare businesses. A customer-centric focus also makes us different from other developers. Some developers may focus on building apps for you to use internally, but we want to make apps that your patients can use. Consider a few more reasons to choose us:

  • Good Architecture: When building mobile apps, we make sure the apps have good architecture. That way, your app can grow and change as your business does, so you can continue to use the same app. We also make sure apps are easy to use and maintain over time. While we offer app maintenance, you shouldn’t have to struggle to run the software.
  • Built To Scale: We use coding that makes apps easy to scale. You may have a plan for your business, but plans can change, and your app needs to adapt accordingly.
  • Compliant Systems: In the healthcare industry, you need to be extra careful when creating apps. We take security seriously, and we can help you build software that complies with HIPAA regulations. That way, your business won’t break the law just by using an app.
  • User-Friendly: We also make sure all of the apps we develop are easy for people to use. Our apps also look great and are reliable so that you can focus on taking care of patients rather than improving an app.
How Can A Mobile App Help My Business?

Before you choose to hire any mobile app development company, you may wonder if you need an app. You may be able to get by without a mobile app, but having one can offer a few benefits. For one, you may be able to book more appointments if people can do so in your app. People won’t have to call your office or visit in person to schedule a time to see you. Apps can also help with engagement, and they make you stand out. If you’re looking to get new patients, offering an app may convince some people to work with you over another provider.

Hire A Good Mobile App Development Company

Some businesses may be able to succeed without an app, but mobile app development can set you apart. A good app can help you attract and connect with patients. But you need to hire the right development company so that you can get a good app that people will want to use. Otherwise, you may waste time and money and not see any results.

Do you want to create an app for your business? Learn more about our mobile app development services.

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