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Customized business software and mobile app development agency in Atlanta

Cenango is a pioneering web and mobile app development agency in Atlanta. We constantly strive to bring innovative web and mobile applications across multiple devices and platforms. Our services extend towards different enterprises with a reputation for coming up with software solutions for a wide range of industries.
IoT and RFID Integration Services for Healthcare Services

Our Mission

As a leading web and mobile development agency in Atlanta, we aim at creating tailor-made mobile, online, database, and cloud-based software that drives an organization towards growth.
We used cutting-edge software solutions to provide the most suitable web and mobile software for organizations, by individually analyzing operations and goals of each one.
In the presence of a growing economy, we offer the best web and mobile software solutions for startups and established companies in Atlanta. Our services go beyond simply completing software projects, as we monitor and maintain the entire procedure while providing continuous support to our clients.
Mobile app development is a major breakthrough in this era of modern technology. Therefore, our goal is to provide the most suitable web and mobile app solutions to our clients, to move forward beyond reach.

How We Work

Web and mobile app development in Atlanta

Web software development in Atlanta

Cenango - iOS Mobile App Development

Web software development in Atlanta

We create unique software solutions with use of modern technology and specialized software that empower organizations to become leaders in their respective industries. We put together a complete software development solution, starting from requirements gathering and resulting in creating apps that provide practical solutions.

We provide in-depth research on every step of the web development project to ensure that it meets the expectations of the client.

Cenango - Android Mobile App Development

Mobile app development in Atlanta

Our team of skilled developers are well-equipped and experienced to provide our clients with mobile apps integrated solutions that take businesses a step ahead of the rest. We customize mobile apps to fit the requirements of each client. We follow a unique approach to ensure mobile apps that are able to deliver client expectations. Bring your business vision to life with modern technology through the integration of mobile app solutions that are able to provide breakthroughs in your industry.

We create a robust strategy that will help bring the vision of your business to life. We focus on scalability and high performance to meet your business requirements with the future of your organization in mind.

What We Do

Software development agency in Atlanta

As a reputed web and mobile development agency in Atlanta, we constantly strive to provide businesses value through feature-rich software that can create a difference within the processes. Our developers make use of state-of-the art technologies with modern advancements in methodologies, to put together a complete package that can cater to every business need.

iOS development services

Our experts provide iOS services that pave way for scalable, dependable, and secure app solutions to give your business a new approach to growth. Every business can benefit from the latest iOS services to help reach greater heights.

Android app development services

Cenango has a track record of building high-end web applications and mobile apps to help businesses grow within their respective industries. With the introduction of cutting-edge technologies through services including android app development, we hope to provide our clients with the maximum benefits of bringing mobile technology closer to their businesses. Bridging the gap between technology and human interaction is one of the main benefits of mobile apps, and we strive to achieve this.

UI/UX development services

Cenango focuses on delivering high-quality and user-friendly online applications, e-commerce websites, and mobile apps through its UI/UX development services. We have a team dedicated to UI/ UX development, with years of experience creating the best user experience for a wide range of applications.

Web application development services

Web applications are the core of many online related services. We can help expand your business to go beyond its ordinary each by implementing web applications required for numerous online services. Cenango’s web development team has expertise in every facet of web development, making it possible for clients to reach their full potential in terms of business growth.

Prototype development services

Prototype development is an integral part of any business. It shows the potential of a new project by displaying the benefits it can provide to customers. At Cenango, we go far enough to provide prototype development services that show how much value a project can add to customers and how they would interact with the product in concern.

API development services

Our high-quality application programming interfaces (APIs) for web browsers and servers have the ability to create loyal customers out of the regular visitors of a business website. Our team of highly-skilled experts have many years of experience doing this to clients across multiple industries.

Cenango’s web and
mobile app development process

Web and mobile app development agency in Atlanta

App development follows a step-by-step procedure, which is how Cenango approaches it to provide high-end applications to its clients. Our web and mobile app development process can be segregated into the following steps.

Initiation and
scope development

Project initiation and scope development is vital as this is where we need to identify the customer requirements so that we can meet their precise needs. We go through each stage of this process, starting from requirements to analysis, which successfully leads to the next stages of the web and mobile app development process.

User interface and
experience design

Our goal in terms of user interface and experience design, is to create a comprehensive package that is intuitive and is able to provide a seamless experience for web and mobile app users.

Custom development

Our expert team knows the exact way to meet client-specific requirements and will work towards meeting client goals via tailor-made designs and solutions.

Ongoing support
& maintenance

A well-optimized business requires technical support from web and mobile app developers, to ensure a seamless experience for users. At Cenango, we provide constant support and maintenance for all our web and mobile applications.

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RFID document tracking system in Atlanta

Chenango is one of the pioneer’s in implementing RFID document tracking systems that can keep count of your assets and acts as a deterrent against asset loss, theft, and damage. Our highly sophisticated system can streamline document tracking in your organization.

Why do you need document tracking?

RFID document tracking system in Atlanta helps in the following ways:

  • It helps track documents fast and map them with the required elements.
  • It is especially useful for asset counting.
  • It allows the attachment of extra files such as purchase orders, invoices, etc.

Features of RFID document tracking system

RFID document tracking system in Atlanta consists of the following features:

  • Locate documents fast
  • Inventory management
  • Obtain file counts
  • Physical verification of documents
  • Incident recording
  • Security

RFID asset management system
in Atlanta

A company’s assets are vital for its successful operations. Cenango ensures that its RFID asset management system is able to locate and manage all assets of the organization. These assets include tangible and intangible objects belonging to an organization.

Benefits of RFID asset
management solutions

  • Helps locate assets fast
  • Improved inventory management
  • Provides security and data availability
  • Saves time and money through automating processes
  • Increases organization’s revenue
  • Provides better quality and traceability
  • Allows integration with other software and processes for improves functionality and added features

Cenango’s RFID asset management system provides unique features that allow us to stand among the rest:

  • We provide a single cloud-based asset management system
  • We provide enhanced data security
  • We provide fast implementation and integration
  • We provide additional features to the system, over time


Our RFID asset management system in Atlanta is meant to be integrated with multiple software for better performance and efficient workflow within the business. It simplifies inventory management and asset visibility via location-sensing RFID readers.

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    What is 2 + 2

    Objectives of RFID healthcare applications in Atlanta

    RFID healthcare application in Atlanta work in the following ways:

    • RFID asset management
    • Infant safety 
    • Efficient patient care
    • Temperature and humidity monitoring applications
    • Patient tracking and medical records
    • Equipment tracking and monitoring
    • Medicine and pharmaceutical tracking
    • Asset tagging for hospital check-in and check-out procedures
    • Real-time tracking of data
    iOS and Android Mobile App Development service in Naples Florida

    Remote patient monitoring in Atlanta

    Cenango has developed healthcare software that allows for remote patient monitoring in Atlanta.

    Our RFID-enabled patient monitoring application ensures that following objectives are met in terms of healthcare software:


    • Reduce the carry load of patient details and treatment records
    • Provide at-home monitoring and support services for patients
    • Develop a centralized system for data sharing 
    • Integrate patient family and location details so that they can direct the patient to the nearest hospital when required.

    RFID patient monitoring healthcare software: What it does

    • Patient details and medical history
    • Infant safety
    • Locate patient whereabouts
    • Improve patient workflow with RFID tags
    • Forecast of patient flow and hospital admission rates
    • Tracking of hospital visitors

    RFID patient monitoring healthcare software in Atlanta: Features

    • Tracking analytics and reporting
    • Storage of patient details
    • Patient-doctor interactions control
    • Notify suspicious activities

    Other uses of RFID patient monitoring healthcare software

    • Asset and document tracking
    • Inventory management
    • Staff social distancing
    • Temperature monitoring for supply storage
    • Monitoring sterilization of surgical tools

    Reach out to Cenango for comprehensive RFID-enabled healthcare software solutions. We provide integrated software systems solutions that are RFID-enabled to blend with the existing systems in your organization.


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