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Improve Productivity With RFID Asset Tracking System

RFID asset tracking is a must-have for any business that wants to streamline its operations. With this system in place, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your assets again.

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Southwest Solutions Group ® (SSG) is a premier solutions-oriented company and a recognized industry expert in providing custom transformational efficiency storage systems to all types of businesses and government agencies. They provide custom storage and technology solutions for a wide range of industries and markets including, government agencies, education institutions, healthcare, public safety, museums, libraries, military, manufacturing, automotive, and industrial warehouses. With multiple branches nationwide, Southwest Solutions Group has been helping companies maximize their space and improve operational efficiencies since 1969. Their goal is to help reduce business’ costs by increasing enterprise productivity with space-efficient storage solutions.

Southwest Solutions Group® is a solution-oriented business-to-business company that provides innovative efficiency systems to all types of businesses and government agencies.

Project Goals

Valued Projects

Accurately and securely store documents and locate them using RFID tagging.

Provides a safe and privacy-protected document management system that protects privacy.  

Unauthorized access and movement of documents can be detected and alerted. 

A user friendly web and mobile application with real time decision support information


Southwest Solutions Group ® is constantly striving to find ways to improve efficiency and streamline their clients’ operations. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been shown to be an effective, practical solution, allowing employees to quickly identify and track assets by location throughout the supply chain. Whereas barcode tracking requires a direct line of sight and can only provide a certain level of data, RFID readers can easily track everything within the vicinity, and provide multitude of information on assets with pinpoint accuracy.

However different models of hardware were not compatible with the software application. It could only guarantee that it would work on devices that had been approved at the time of development. Any other devices would have not worked properly after the final release.

The Solution

FetchRFID is a web application and mobile (iOS) that was implemented to store, find, and manage protected assets. This software application was created to be distributed as a multi-tenant portal to accommodate many customers (tenants) from different organizations. 

The SSG portal handles features such as login, authentication, and user management for new tenants. Each tenant is categorized as Bronze, Bronze Plus, Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, and Gold Plus in the portal.

The SSG portal also includes the necessity to create and export excel reports so each tenant has the option to generate reports depending on their subscription plan. A tenant is given admin privileges and is able to see retention and schedule reporting based on asset category.

Assets and containers are classified and monitored using asset management software; includes files, documents, cartons, merchandise embedded with a passive RFID tag. FetchRFID automates the check-in or check-out process with an RFID reader. Every time an asset or a container moves from one area to another, FetchRFID automatically tracks it and offers a quick, simple, and precise way to automate data collection and track crucial documents and assets from its chain of custody. If any of the assets or containers arise any discrepancies the system will notify the admin right away.

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    RFID Asset Tracking

    Outcome and The Benefits


    Not only does FetchRFID streamline SSG tenants’ daily processes, but also provides an extra layer of security. By minimizing errors in logistics and warehouse processes, this technology helps to avoid risks such as loss, delays, or theft. Many now want to implement RFID in their enterprise to improve the reliability and quality of their supply chain for customers.

    Data Accuracy

    There has been a significant improvement in inventory tracking accuracy following the implementation of FetchRFID for SSG. The management process now demonstrates a much-reduced reliance on human error leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

    Prompt Inventory Results

    With built-in RFID tag tracking, assets and inventory can be easily located within the visual line of sight between the reader and the tag. These tags make traceability simultaneous and reliably quick.

    Time Saving

    RFID technology is revolutionizing the efficiency of inventory management for businesses. Compared to traditional methods like barcodes, RFID tags provide a much faster and more accurate way to keep track of stock levels. Not only does this save time for workers, but it also reduces the risk of human error in inventory counts.

    RFID Asset Tracking System for Warehouses and Stores - Ceanngo

    Improved Productivity

    RFID technology can help to improve and speed up the stock management process in a warehouse. By providing greater inventory control, RFID can help to avoid stockouts and provide information on when items are in the wrong location or defective. This can save time and improve efficiency in the warehouse.

    Efficient System

    SSG was very happy with the results of the RFID implementation across their company operations. There has been a significant reduction in thefts, to nearly 0%. This high effectiveness has shown that RFID is a great solution for reducing sample replacements committed through barcode replication. Many are feeling positive about expanding RFID use to different operations soon.

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    Simple and Fast RFID Integration

    RFID Asset Tracking
    Mobile App

    RFID asset tracking is a great way to keep tabs on all of your possessions. Simply attach an RFID tag to whatever you want to keep track of, and then use the corresponding app to keep tabs on its location. You’ll never have to worry about losing anything again!


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