RFID Asset Tracking System in Houston

Tracking assets in your organization

RFID asset tracking system in Houston provides seamless asset tracking in your organization. It helps keep count of your assets and acts as a deterrent against asset loss, theft, and damage. RFID systems allow for single-point asset tracking by quickly scanning all RFID tags in the vicinity.

Why you need RFID Asset Tracking in your organization

Tracking and managing key assets has become a challenge for almost every organization and business. The time you spend searching for critical assets of an organization can lead to expensive delays and downtime, which can cost a lot in the long run. It can also lead to missed deadlines and waste of labor.

The conventional tracking method followed in organizations consists of using spreadsheets for managing asset data or tracking equipment with the use of barcode technology. These methods require a considerable amount of labor, which could be costly and time consuming to an organization. 

RFID asset tracking technology improves asset management by automating this process. The system uses electromagnetic fields to transmit information from the RFID tag to the reader. RFID asset tracking can be useful in a variety of industries including, corporate offices, legal offices, and healthcare organizations. 

RFID asset tracking system in Houston provides accurate, real-time tracking of both fixed and mobile assets in an organization.

IoT and RFID Integration Services for Healthcare Services

Improve productivity and data accuracy with RFID asset tracking system in Houston

  • RFID technology helps with the following:
  • RFID scanning helps to quickly identify assets and provides instant verifications and counting of assets.
  • RFID technology allows the attachment of asset images and extra files such as invoices, purchase orders, etc.


A holistic approach to asset tracking and management

RFID asset tracking system in Houston provides a holistic approach to asset management and tracking. Creating duplicate asset records is a possibility in an organization that has multiple identical fixed assets. It also easily leads to the failure of disposing of the correct asset once identical assets are retired. Our RFID asset tracking system can scan RFID data and use an offline asset tracking mobile app to get all the asset-related data.

  • RFID & mobile-based asset tracking
  • Real-time asset identification 
  • Quick integration & physical verification
  • Scalable system

Features of RFID asset
tracking system in Houston

RFID asset tracking system provides effective asset tracking and easy integration for a wide range of industries.

Here are the features of RFID asset tracking system:

Asset tracking

Asset tracking software helps monitor and manage all vital assets of the organization. It also tracks the performance of these assets and helps optimize their performance.

Inventory management

Manage your inventories with accurate counts and notifications when values fall below the threshold. Proper inventory management is vital for an organization and it is possible with RFID technology.

Physical verification

Asset auditing is closely linked with physical verification of assets in an organization. Asset audit procedure makes it mandatory to check the condition of each asset in the inventory and provide tracked information.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps optimize asset performance. Therefore it helps keep assets well maintained and in good condition. RFID technology helps perform asset maintenance prior to breakdown.

Tracking of utilities

Utility tracking facility helps minimize utility bills by regularly tracking and sending alerts about utility consumption.

Incident recording

RFID asset management solution also helps record incidents when they occur and report them to the incident management team. The incident management team responds immediately and works on solving the issue, so that damage control can be done as soon as possible.

Assets requisitions

Asset requisition becomes a crucial component, especially in large organizations. It is because this minimizes the opportunity of fraudulent activities. RFID technology in asset requisition also makes operations well-organized within entities.


RFID asset tracking system in Houston enhances security with enterprise-grade security features built into it.

Mobile app solutions

RFID solutions via mobile apps makes it easy to keep track of assets while on the go. RFID-enabled mobile apps also help schedule maintenance tasks and make modifications through your mobile, even while you are not physically at the office.

Customer support

We provide 24/7 support for our valuable customers so that they can get the maximum benefit from our systems.

Software integrations

Our RFID solutions are designed to be integrated with multiple software for enhanced performance and efficient workflow within the organization. 

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Simplify asset and equipment tracking with RFID solutions

Cenango’s RFID asset tracking system in Houston provides efficient asset management solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. Our solutions can help businesses enhance performance and improve efficiency within organizational work processes. Our RFID asset tracking system is useful for asset tracking, maintenance, and streamlining activities in the asset life cycle.

Expedite the process of tracking
specific assets with RFID technology

Cenango’s RFID asset tracking solution leverages RFID technology and smart devices such as mobile phones, to search entire facilities for specific assets. The system is built in a way that helps track assets fast, thereby reducing a lot of time that would otherwise have been wasted doing the same task manually. It basically reduces the time from hours to a few minutes.

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    Location-sensing RFID readers

    Simplify inventory management and asset visibility through RFID technology

    Automatically enhance the accuracy of inventory stock counts with the addition of fixed RFID gateways. Our hand-free RFID asset tracking solutions help conveniently track asset movement through your organization’s facility.

    RFID inventory tracking software system detects the location and direction of assets that are moving within the facility. They mount easily above doorways in manufacturing plants or warehouses, for easy tracking of an asset’s last-identified location. It can prove to be beneficial when trying to locate missing or lost assets.

    RFID asset tracking system in Houston provides the tracking of multiple assets

    • IT equipment
    • Documents
    • Rentals
    • Spare parts
    • Containers
    • Repairs
    • Fixed assets
    • Tools
    • Assemblies
    • Shipments
    • Office equipment
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    What sets us apart from the rest?

    Here is what sets us apart from other RFID asset tracking solutions.

    RFID from one inventory management system

    We can help your business take control of the inventory by providing a single cloud-based asset management solution that integrates RFID technology for asset visibility.

    Start small and grow fast

    We provide affordable RFID solutions that provide you a mobile app for better visibility even when you are not physically on location. We provide asset tracking with smart devices and expand to fixed gateways for added hands-free automation, based on your requirements and preferences.

    Fast deployment and integration

    Our RFID asset tracking system is easy to deploy and can be integrated with multiple software that are used in your organization. The RFID asset tracking system in Houston enables greater automation and prevents duplicate data entry.

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    Benefits of RFID asset tracking solutions

    • Tracks assets and manages inventory
    • Enhances data security and availability
    • Saves time and money via automated processes
    • Provides better control of production
    • Improves health and safety functions
    • Enhances quality and traceability
    • Provides enhanced information management 
    • Provides increased revenues
    • Integrate with other technologies to shorten processes
    • Provides rapid playback time

    Make the most of your assets through RFID asset tracking and inventory management solutions. Your company’s assets are the most valuable investment done upfront, which makes it the one that requires the highest level of monitoring and security. Our RFID asset tracking solutions help organizations streamline workflow processes that benefit from managing assets and inventories. 

    Cenango is a reputed web and mobile app development agency in Houston specializing in RFID solutions. Contact us to provide your organization with a complete RFID asset tracking system that could enhance performance and improve efficiency, helping you achieve your business goals.


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