RFID For Healthcare

RFID For Healthcare

Healthcare is a business that seeks to provide the most optimum care for its patients while ensuring that the rules and regulations are being followed.

Due to the challenging business environment of healthcare, Cenango RFID technology provides a host of solutions that help reduce costs, improve operations, and ensure safety, enabling healthcare providers and administrators to make the most effective clinical and business decisions.

There are many different management software products out there to assist in the operations of healthcare. Cenango understands this and is why we provide the most cutting-edge RFID enabled technology to ensure that our solution is the best fit for your business needs.

How RFID Applications Meet The Business Challenges Of Healthcare Professionals

Whether your organization is a hospital, pharmacy, retirement facility, laboratory, or private practice, the challenges you face are typical in the Healthcare industry. By using Cenango’s RFID system, these challenges can be overcome. Below are some ways RFID technology improves patient care, tracks medical equipment, and assists staff in operations.

Asset Management – By using RFID to tag critical assets like mobile beds, and wheelchairs, hospitals have fewer shortages of these vital items when required and spend significantly less time searching for lost items. Using RFID technology, any piece of equipment can be tagged and tracked throughout a facility, making them easy to locate. Asset tracking saves valuable people time and makes critical assets visible to all stakeholders involved.

Surgery Asset Management – Using RFID reduces the chance of overlooking things like sponges or other surgical kit components after an OR procedure. Many ORs are using LF technology to tag everything used in surgery. Once the procedure has been completed, the patient is scanned to make nothing has been left behind.

RFID Access Control – Hospital Access Control RFID Solutions is used by many organizations to control access to restricted areas.  Unmanned, controlled access security provides the audit trail information required for limited access areas.

Inventory Control – RFID technology is an excellent solution for inventory management. RFID provides real-time visibility of all your inventory. RFID is being used to manage shared storage areas pharmacy storage. Access to these areas is typically restricted. RFID can help facilitate all of the control points while managing inventory that is shared.

The Benefits Of RFID In Healthcare

Improving Patient Workflow with RFID Tags. According to Health Tech Magazine (article 2021/01)

“In Los Angeles, Adventist Health White Memorial improved operating room turnaround time by 27 to 24 minutes after deploying RFID tags and cloud-based software that combines RTLS, operating room workflow management and mobile communications.

The 353-bed hospital, which has six operating rooms, uses the technology to make sure surgeries start on time and to reduce wait times between registration, the preoperative assessment, the surgery itself and the postoperative recovery room.

How it works is very interesting.

> When patients check-in, they receive an RFID-chipped wristband.

> The RFID-enabled tags communicate with the software platform every two to three seconds.

> When patients move, the patient is tracked in real-time throughout the facility.

Assisting in Sanitation Compliance.The WHO has a process that they recommend for healthcare workers on the steps to cleaning their hands:

    •  Before touching a patient
    •  Before clean/aseptic procedures
    •  After body-fluid exposure or risk
    •  After touching a patient
    •  After touching patient surroundings

Monitoring the hand cleaning stations is a way to improve compliance regarding handwashing protocols. Healthcare workers wear an RFID badge. Hand wash stations at every touchpoint are equipped with an RFID reader. Every time a hand wash station is used, the reader records the user\’s identify and length of stay in front of the reader.

  • RFID Enabled Systems for Veterinary Practices

Implementing RFID software and hardware to run your practice provides critical advantages by making your inventory, medication, and equipment transparent. This ensures that your practice will save time and money while improving care for the animals.

RFID systems work in veterinarian clinics by:

    •  Vaccinating animals
    •  Tagging animals for transport
    •  Administrating drug therapies
    •  Tracking sick or injured animals
    •  Product Ordering
    •  Tracking medication usage
    •  Reduce staff errors

RFID for Ambulance Services

Having an RFID system that is customizable to meet client\’s needs is a wonderful attribute, particularly for Ambulance Services. Supplies on vehicles can be checked in real-time, before and after each shift. Ambulance vehicles are filled with critical equipment. Maintaining this equipment with accuracy is paramount. When deploying customized RFID technology to track assets, inventory levels and expiration dates can be monitored to ensure compliance. For example, installing RFID tags to each piece of

equipment can automate the equipment tracking and maintenance schedule monitoring processes, ensuring all equipment are on board and in working order. Patient Report Forms completed by EMS staff at the scene of an emergency can provide essential information about the patient to the receiving hospital. These documents are also susceptible to clinical audits to promote a high standard of care. Upon its implementation, the RFID system will also make it easy to automate the management of these forms and any other related documents to ensure documentation can be tracked and located in real-time when required. Here are some clear benefits:

    •  Managing the inventory of medication
    •  Tracking expiration dates of medical supplies
    •  Monitoring patient triage process
    •  EMS Fleet management
    •  Tracking patients
    •  Tracking documentation

Waste Management

RFID is a game-changer for waste management in hospitals. Using RFID-enabled technology, disposal companies can identify all types of waste, including hazardous waste. RFID systems assist in identifying and monitoring all waste generated within a hospital and tracks the waste removal process.

RFID for Dental Offices

RFID systems are efficient and convenient. Managing the assets in a dental practice has never been easier.

What can RFID track?

    •  Dental records
    •  Medical tools
    •  Medical furniture
    •  Office supplies
    •  Medical Documents

How it Works

  • RFID mobile scanner – a staff member can use this scanner as an RFID reader from anywhere within the office.
  • Fix an RFID tag on each asset that you want to track and manage.
  • Once the RFID tags have been placed, a staff member can walk through the office and locate assets by waving the mobile scanner in the direction of the fixed tag.

Key Features

      • Requires no system installation
      • Find loss items and files
      • User friendly
      • Wide range of tags to select from to meet the needs of various kinds of assets to be tagged.

Using RFID enabled systems allows healthcare professionals to track what is important to the hospital, improved patient care. RFID helps healthcare organizations track in real-time all functions across patient care environments.

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