The NextGen in RFID Technology For Asset Management

RMR 1.0 - next generation in RFID technology

Cenango, a leading software development company, has announced the launch of its RFID Inventory app in the app store. This new release enables Cenango to support clients remotely, regardless of their location.

“Across all industries, RFID technology is being utilized to control, protect, and make visible critical assets, especially in the material handling sector,” says Shawn Panosian, Director of Marketing and Product Development at Southwest Solutions Group.

The Cenango RFID mobile reader, RMR 1.0, comes in a complete RFID kit that is shipped directly to clients and is ready to use upon arrival. Sourced and assembled in Miami, the kit includes full instructions and support, simplifying the setup process for customers. The RMR 1.0 features robust capabilities such as the ‘find-a-file’ function, which allows users to scan an area to locate a specific file, with the reader identifying the file’s unique RFID number among other tagged files. This functionality not only enhances efficiency but also reduces operational costs for businesses.

Designed with usability in mind, the RMR 1.0 integrates intuitive technologies that enable interaction through a multi-view graphical interface, setting a new standard in the industry. With its debut, the RMR 1.0 RFID product transforms inventory management into a seamless and cost-effective process for all users without compromising on quality.

Benefits Of RMR 1.0
Key features of the RMR 1.0 series include:
  •  Multiple users on one mobile reader
  •  No installation required
  •  Find-a-File feature ready
  •  Able to read numerous RFID tags
  •  Multi-industry applicable
  •  Intuitive UI
  •  High Performance and readability

RFID Technology: A Growing Industry

RFID technology has established itself as a mainstay in various industries. In 2019, the RFID market was valued at approximately $11.6 billion and is expected to grow beyond $13 billion by 2022, according to a forecast by IDTechEx. This growth encompasses both passive and active RFID tags, readers, and software, reflecting the widespread adoption of this technology.

Diverse Applications Across Industries

In the retail sector, RFID tags are primarily used for apparel, significantly enhancing inventory management and security. This demand led to the deployment of around 10 billion RFID tags in 2019 alone. Beyond retail, the use of RFID technology extends to agriculture, where it’s not just popular but increasingly mandatory. In 2019, 580 million RFID tags were used in various farming locations globally, as tagging animals is becoming a legal requirement in more regions each year.

This information highlights the versatile and indispensable role of RFID technology in modern industry, driving efficiency and compliance across diverse sectors.

What Industries Can Use RFID Tracking Technology?

Some of the industries Cenango’s RMR 1.0 serves:

  •  Retail
  •  Industrial
  •  Material Handling
  •  Law Firms
  •  Armory Management
  •  And much, much more!

Want to learn more about RMR 1.0 and how RFID technology can improve your productivity? 

Contact Cenango today for pricing and avilability on the RMR 1.0.

About Cenango

Cenango is a software company based in the US that has been helping businesses around the world for over twenty years. As technology changes and grows quickly, we have improved our services to better help our clients succeed in a world that is more connected every day.

Our goal from the start has been to help businesses solve difficult problems that come up as they grow and use new technology. We create software that fits perfectly with what each business needs and helps them reach their goals.

Our engineers use the latest and best technology to make software that is reliable, easy to use, and really effective. Our main aim is to offer innovative solutions that use new technology to boost your business and achieve great results.

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