Custom Solution

We work with you to understand and shape your unique needs then deliver a strategy to drive you to your goal.

White Label Solutions

We work with you to understand and shape your unique needs then deliver a strategy to drive you to your goal.

SoftwareApp Development​

We build high-performance, scalable apps that solve your problems and make your practice more efficient.

Healthcare Mobile App

Custom SOFTWARE Solution

Healthcare Apps for Hospitals & Patients

Quality software solutions make your practice more efficient so you can focus on patient care.

Reduce pressures and solve problems

Our software solutions help you eliminate paperwork, drive collaboration, and manage patients more effectively – making your staff more productive and keeping your patients happy and healthy.

Unlock the potential in your practice

As the healthcare industry continues to grow so does the need for software that keeps your practice high-performing and efficient. We are a partner of choice in healthcare and can work with you to get the best out of your business well into the future.


We offer a range of high-end software solutions.

Provide the best care you can

Our solutions enable you to make your practice more efficient and streamlined, helping you to eliminate wasteful processes and focus on delivering care of the highest quality. 

Drive patient satisfaction

Our platforms are built to put power in the hands of your patients to empower them to own their health. They make accessing care slick and easy so your patients always get a great experience.

Telemedicine Software Application


Providing great care doesn’t have to be in person thanks to our state-of-the-art telemedicine solution. The system empowers you and your patients by enabling you to deliver great care online. Our platform gives you seamless access to patient records and includes features like scheduling, payment portals, and messaging.
Remote Patient Monitoring Healthcare App

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Remote Patient Monitoring system allows you to get a constant stream of data outside of a traditional healthcare setting - giving you a clear picture of the health of your patients and allowing you to provide more responsive and efficient care. The system helps patients feel more comfortable managing their own health.
Hospital and Patient Portal - Healthcare Application

Hospitals and Patient Portal

Our integrated Patient Portal offers a one-stop solution to managing a hospital's patient engagement and communication. The system allows you to manage all aspects of care, from staff rotas and scheduling appointments to taking payment and generating reports – keeping your patients happy and your practice efficient.
RFID Healthcare Asset Tracking

IOT / RFID Technology

Connectivity is a fundamental part of providing intelligent, high-quality care. We build systems that automate data collection so that you can track the safety of your patients, keep on top of your inventory, automate patient check-in and check-out, and much more. This seamless solution drives efficiencies and improves care.


We build software that works for you and the people you care for


No Paperwork

Easily record every interaction between doctor and patient and access records at the touch of a button.

Improved Intelligence and Reporting

Data that gives you intelligence about your practice and allows for easy reporting on any function.

Diagnosis Made Easier

Results and notes displayed in easily accessible electronic medical record.

Schedule and Rota Management

Manage rotas and schedules at the touch of a button and support communication between colleagues across your practice.


Care Anywhere

Patients get access to medical professionals on their terms, improving the experience and encouraging interaction.

Automated Alerts, Notifications, and Reminders

Alerts and notifications for medications, routine check-ups, and appointments make maintaining health easier.

Transparent and Accessible

Patients get access to their medical history and test results through their own digital health records.

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring heart rate, breathing rate, and other measures are made easy and stress-free, driving experience and efficiency in care.

Software which empowers
you to provide great care

Our HOLISTIC Approach

Software Development for Healthcare Industry

Efficient Practice

Drive efficient and effective practice through automation and smart processes which give you insight and oversight

Medical Wearables

Embrace preventative treatment with advanced, intelligent and user-friendly, health-focused devices


Provide collaborative care anywhere, by enabling remote consultations and appointments

Tailored Patient Care

Treat every patient individually and intelligently by embracing data-driven decision-making and care

Engaged Patients

Keep your patients engaged and give them a great experience with seamless communication

Mobile Health

Streamline operations and processes via smart automation and instant visibility into medical workflows


Our Focus

We are a trusted healthcare partner and our dedicated team is passionate about empowering our clients to provide the best care.

Robust Data

We equip you with tools to give you the intelligence you need to understand your patients and practice and make data-driven decisions. s. ​

Improved Processes

We deliver software solutions that empower you to make your processes and your practice slicker and more efficient.


We maximize automation to help you cut out wasteful manual operational processes and make care streamlined and efficient.

Privacy and Security

We protect your practice with encrypted, high-security systems which give you and your patients peace of mind.

Mobile and Web Apps


Our Three S Philosophy

A Tried and Tested Approach

Principles that make us a partner of choice

Decades of experience and insight have shaped the Cenango Three S philosophy – a set of tried and tested software development principles.

Custom Application Development


Logic, planning, and strategy sit at the heart of our approach to software development. This means we can collaborate with you to deliver the results you need.

Changing the right partner


Our solutions connect you with your users and link your systems together – empowering you to drive an efficient business and give your users a great experience every time.

Custom Software - 24-7 support


We build systems that protect you and your service users with high-level encryption. Compliance and security are the foundation of every system we build.

Healthcare software
for any platform

Web Applications

Software That Drive Success

We build high-level encrypted web applications, including CRM/PRM, RPM, EHR/EMR, and intranet systems.

iOS & Android Apps

Apps That Empower

We develop healthcare apps for mobile that help you unlock the benefits of remote patient care. Systems built to be compatible with iOS and Android.

API Management

Processes Optimization

Empower patients to collect and report health information and your doctors to efficiently report data in a secure environment with our API management solutions.

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