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Cenango is a reputable and leading web and mobile app development agency in Dallas. We constantly work towards bringing our clients closer innovative solutions using modern and highly advanced technology.

The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is at forefront regarding business solutions that make use of the latest technology. As a leading web and mobile app development agency in Dallas, we use RFID in our armory management and weapons tracking system and our document tracking solutions.

Systems solutions

RFID Armory Management and Weapons Tracking System in Dallas

We design RFID armory management and weapons tracking systems that assist in operations conducted by the military, air force, police, and other security services to keep track of their weapons and inventories.

RFID armory management and
weapons tracking system in Dallas

RFID armory management and weapons tracking systems solution ensures the issuing and secure return of weapons, ammunition, and equipment exchanges in the armory with our RFID enabled system that makes use of the most modern technologies.

RFID armory management and weapons tracking system in Dallas makes use of the latest RFID technology and encrypted database software, which guarantees improved accuracy, efficiency, and security of your armory management system. It provides improved efficiency in tracking the movement of firearms, ammo, and other equipment. This helps adequate tracking of weapons, especially in security agencies. 

RFID armory management systems also help keep assets safe by tracking them, which in turn helps in keeping them well-organized. Every asset consists of RFID equipment and antennas that can read data and help locate them. The latest technology using a touch screen monitor, connects and ensures everything runs smoothly within the process.

Systems solutions

RFID Document
Tracking System in Dallas

Our RFID document tracking system makes it easy to track all of your business documents, saving time for core business processes. It is applicable in any type of business organization that needs to manage a large amount of documents.

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RFID Document Tracking System in Dallas

The most critical assets in any business are its documents. Business documents come in all forms and are continuously required to carry on the business processes smoothly, without any disruptions to its flow. 

This is where the importance of a document tracking system comes into play. It improves efficiency in managing documents by helping tracking and locating where each document is. At the time of urgency, locating documents could be time-consuming and could even result in the loss of a client or opportunity. This is why it is vital to manage documents and help locate them as soon as the business requires it.

Document tracking systems come into play in many aspects including drawing & designs, legal documents, and patient records.

RFID document tracking system utilizes UHF RFID. UHF RFID has a much longer read range compared to tags in other operating frequencies, which is why it is used. UHF RFID readers can read a large number of tags per seconds, mostly thousands. This is extremely beneficial when trying to locate a file in a large room as it won’t take long like high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) options.

RFID systems solutions

Results-driven expertise

Cenango’s main focus areas in RFID armory management and weapons tracking system and RFID document tracking system are as follows:


Cenango is dedicated towards providing maximum security through all our applications. As a leading web and mobile app development agency in Dallas, we ensure that all our systems are completely tested for security and threats before going live.


Our systems are designed to be used easily and integrate seamlessly into the existing processes. It enhances productivity, which leads to efficiency within organizational work procedures.


Our systems are designed to grow with your organization. We understand that requirements can change and you need to adapt new technologies within your organization’s work process. Therefore, we design our systems to be salable to meet organizational demands.

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    Benefits of our system solutions

    Benefits of RFID armory management and weapons tracking system

    • It provides a user access history and weapons usage log.
    • It provides a real-time dashboard to help make informational decisions at the higher level.
    • It contains automated user management, user roles, authorization, and electronic signature features.
    • It provides an instant missing weapon status report.
    • It provides alarms and warnings to detect unauthorized weapon access with RFID antenna.
    • It allows for user management and access level assignment for weapons access.
    • It helps track weapons and ammunition faster.
    • It provides time and cost savings for the organization.
    • It provides secure access and accountability.
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    Benefits of RFID document tracking system

    • It enhances security.
    • It saves time and costs.
    • It increases professionalism.
    • It reduces stress for management and other employees.
    • It helps locate lost or misplaced documents.
    • It maximizes accuracy of document inventory.
    • It reduces storage space.

    Key features of RFID armory management and weapons tracking system

    Our skilled team of experts are constantly working on providing integrated systems that can help organizations manage their processes seamlessly. The following are the key features included in our RFID armory management and weapons tracking system.

    Enroll a weapon in the system

    Every weapon, firearm, and ammunition in the inventory is given an RFID tag for tracking using serial number, model type, and other related details. 

    Issue an RFID weapon

    The RFID-enabled tracking system keeps record of check-out and return times of weapons for easy tracking and management of the weapons.

    Return an RFID weapon

    The system keeps track of the equipment by monitoring check-in times along with information related to who handles the equipment at the time of return.

    Track and locate ammunition

    The system ensures the safe and efficient transfer of ammunition between storage areas while also tracking and identifying to maintain accuracy in the records.

    Weapons inventory management

    The RFIS weapons inventory management system ensures the storage of accurate and up-to-date information of the weapons inventory. The RFID reader scans the items and conducts regular audits to identify any items that are missing or have been misplaced.

    Trace and locate armory

    RFID technology in armory management helps trace weapons in real-time and also identify the items that require replacement and maintenance.

    System alerts and notifications

    Our armory management system’s antenna can trigger warnings and alarms in instances of theft or a break of the security code. There is also a log that keeps track of when weapons were issued and retrieved by personnel for various tasks.

    User management & authentication

    The use of access control and authentication methods will prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to weapons, firearms, ammunition, and other related gear.

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    Key features of RFID document tracking system

    RFID document tracking system helps organize files and other assets in an organization. It will not only help organize future documents and assets, but also ones of the past such as history of project tasks and contract issues. The system consists of the following key features:

    • It provides real-time data and generates relevant reports.
    • It manages users and permissions.
    • It provides an automated and effective system to search documents by location and availability.
    • It provides accurate tracking of sensitive documents.
    • It keeps a record of the holder of the document.
    • It improves inventory management.

    RFID document tracking system provides an easy way to see who has accessed a file, how they have used it, what was printed, and more related information. It attached a code to a file, which allows you to gather file usage statistics.

    Why choose Cenango?

    Cenango has a dedicated team of experts specialized in working with RFID systems. We can guarantee to provide your organization with the best RFID solutions to streamline your processes. Here are the benefits you get when working with us.

    • A dedicated support team
    • Usability and security
    • Scalable systems and applications
    • Decision support system
    • Ongoing support & maintenance


    Cenango is a reputed web and mobile app development agency in Miami that specializes in implementing RFID-enabled systems. Contact us to develop custom and robust systems using cutting-edge technology to provide the user an unparalleled experience and enhance business operations. 


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