Healthcare Mobile Apps

We create mobile applications that help pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to communicate internally and externally. All of our applications feature robust security and are optimized to work seamlessly on iOS or Android platforms.


A mobile application can help your organization manage stock, adhere to compliance regulations, connect business systems, manage data, and access analytics. With our apps, medical records will be instantly accessible while time, data, and spending can be optimized to the advantage of your team. Clinical communications have never been easier.

Telemedicine iOS App Miami, Florida


  • WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) telemedicine.
  • Consultation and booking systems.
  • Mobile payment systems.
  • Healthcare CRM systems.
  • Mobile billing systems.
  • Sales agent mobile apps.
  • Ambulance GPS Management.


  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • PCI Compliant.
  • User friendly back-end.
  • API integration with main systems.
  • Customizable mobile apps.
  • Mobile analytics.

Telemedicine iOS App Development in Florida

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